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Tag: Christmas

Capturing New York City's "Holiday Wonders" with the iPhone 6

Truth NYC is a digital PR agency based around, you guessed it, New York City. This year they were tasked with creating a holiday video campaign for a luxury skincare brand. To meet that goal they picked up a powerful video shooting tool: the iPhone 6 Plus. Shooting exclusively with the iPhone ...

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Store It is a wishlist app that falls short of its potential

Store It, free in the App Store, has the potential to be more powerful than other wishlist and gift apps on the market. It has a great concept, but isn't so great in execution. You add items to your list by searching websites with the in-app browser, scanning a barcode or uploading a photo. T...

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White House photographer uses iPhone 6 to catch people off-guard

Christmas at the White House means a whole lot of camera flashes, poses, and smiles, and that usually means plenty of fancy camera equipment. For one seasoned photographer, Apple's iPhone is the tool of choice this year. As Time reports, photographer Brooks Kraft -- who has spent over a decade cov...

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Ugly Christmas sweaters sink to new low thanks to the iPhone

If you are going to wear an ugly christmas sweater, you might well take it to the extremes with one of Digital Dudz' iPhone-enabled versions. The hideous sweaters double the ugly by allowing you to insert your phone into the holiday decoration. Fire up the compatible app and watch your friends get...

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Steve's 2014 holiday gift ideas

It's that time of year when even the most imaginative of us come up short with ideas for gifts to buy our family and friends. So the TUAW team is going to be providing you with some of our personal favorite gift ideas. Now, just because I've listed it here doesn't necessarily mean that I actuall...

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Tell everyone what you want for Christmas with Instalist

Without wishlists, your holidays will be full of gifts that you don't like but are forced to say that you love so that you don't offend your loved ones. Instalist, free in the App Store, attempts to avoid holiday gift-giving debacles. You pick the items you want and then send the list to your fr...

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Check out the first holiday widget for iOS

I guess it had to happen -- a widget with a holiday theme, and one that gives you some useful information. I'm talking about SNOWidget, from developer Johnny Ixe who gave us the handy and useful DataMan app. Download the free SNOWidget app, and then load it from your pull-down Today notificat...

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A look back at when Apple Christmas commercials were still funny

This year, Apple tugged on the heartstrings of people who willfully watch advertising -- seriously, remember when you HAD to watch ads, what a savage world -- with its "Misunderstood" clip. It brought tears to the eyes of many people who want to think the best of teenagers, but had one major fla...

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5 things you still need to buy before Christmas

There's a good chance that your next five days will be filled with frantic last-minute gift buying, all culminating in your family's holiday celebration. You might even think your shopping list has been conquered, but I beg to differ. Here are a handful of items you still need to pick up to make s...

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Apple's Christmas ad is great, but this parody shows the one aspect it got wrong

Apple recently released its latest Christmas-themed commercial, this time looking to give a little depth and humanity to your kid brother who won't pull his nose out of his phone. It's a tearjerker. It makes me get a little misty. The kid made such a beautiful video, and his family appreciates...

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Apple's War on Christmas continues! Next victim: the Christmas tree.

Apple, it wasn't enough for your to rename your '12 Days of Christmas' app to '12 Days of Gifts,' was it? Now you needed to take your War on Christmas to the next level by attacking the humble Christmas tree. As blogger Phyllis White reports, you've banned the Christmas tree in the beautiful shopp...

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Xmas Camera for iOS adds holiday cheer to photos

Xmas Camera (free) was an app I thought was pretty cute when I looked at it a year ago, and now it's been enhanced and made iOS 7-friendly. Basically you take a photo, or load one from your camera roll, and the app enables you to add holiday elements to your photos. You can dress someone in a Santa...

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The Monkey Kit adds a tail to your iPad so you can go hands-free

The Monkey Kit (US$69) from Octa is essentially a long, posable tail for your iPad plus a small handle accessory. Like a monkey's tail, the Monkey Tail (also sold separately) allows you to hang your iPad or merely provide support when propping it up. While not everyone will have a use for the thin...

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Help your kids keep track of Santa while you travel with the NORAD Santa Tracker app

We're just a few weeks away from Christmas. If your family celebrates the holiday, hopefully you still get to experience the joy of a having a child excitedly wait for Santa. But what if you're away from home on Christmas Eve? There are few childhood fears as harsh as the idea that Santa might sk...

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The Lego Apple Store pops up in Christmas Village to help items for Toys for Tots

As a regular reader of TUAW, you've probably heard of the Lego Apple Store. Designed and built by Lego enthusiast John Lazar, the store is a remarkably faithful recreation of Apple's retail outlets. Now the miniature storefront is hitting the road, making a guest appearance at the 2013 Winter Wond...

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