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TUAW Smackdown: Google Chromebook vs. Apple iPad, MacBook Air

The Google Chromebook, the Samsung-built subnotebook designed for the Chrome browser-only OS, appeared on the market about a month ago. As soon as the MacBook Air-lookalike device showed up online, the TUAW newsroom erupted in discussions about whether or not it would make a good low-cost compu...

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NY Times details Google/Apple relationship souring

What began as a jovial relationship between Google and Apple has devolved into an ugly personal and legal battle that's only getting worse. In 2006, Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt joined Apple's board of directors. Google and Apple collaborated on the iPhone's mapping services, and a year later, Sch...

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ASUS wants to be "another Apple"

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih has successfully guided his company through the spinoff of their manufacturing arm Pegatron (whom Apple is already ready to do business with), and in the process stated that he wants the computer maker to become "another Apple," but one based on open-source platforms like G...

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Chrome for OS X before 2010

Google is making some big announcements today during their Chrome OS press event. In addition to the official announcement for Chrome OS they also let another little tidbit of information loose: "Just this year alone in Chrome, there's tons of new stuff coming. Before this year gets over, we'll have...

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Lessons from Marcia Brady: why Eric Schmidt should resign from Apple's board

One of my favorite episodes of The Brady Bunch is "Quarterback Sneak." In it, Marcia starts dating Jerry Rogers, quarterback of the Fairview High School football team. Problem is, Fairview happens to be the rival of Marcia & Greg's Westdale High School, and the two teams are scheduled to play in...

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Google Chrome OS under development

Google just announced they are indeed developing the long-rumored Chrome OS. Expected to be web-focused with a minimal user interface, the lightweight open source operating system will appear initially on netbooks running either x86 or ARM processors. Expansion to the desktop and full-powered laptop...

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