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Tag: Chromium

Opera 15 now available for Mac

For almost 20 years, the Opera web browser has provided an alternative for web surfers who don't want to use the browser packaged with their computer. Its latest incarnation, Opera 15, has been released for OS X, and it's the first version that was built using the open-source Chromium engine. Wh...

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Google to bring Chrome app launcher to OS X

Those of us who use Google's Chrome browser for OS X are familiar with how Chrome web apps can be installed and launched from within the browser. Now it appears that Google is working on a way to bring those Chrome apps even closer to the heart of your Mac by creating a Chrome apps launcher for OS...

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Google rolls out Chrome Canary to Mac

Good news for Google Chrome enthusiasts: Chrome Canary is now available for Mac. Windows users have had the option to download the pre-developer, experimental builds of the Chrome browser, dubbed Canary, for some time now. But now Mac Chrome enthusiasts can also throw caution to the wind and gr...

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Flock comes to the end of the road as support ceases

Flock, the original social web browser, has been marked for termination. Originally released back in 2005 and powered by a Firefox core, Flock brought social to the browser by integrating with Flickr, (as it was at the time) and a whole host of blogging services. Later, with the soc...

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No comment: Chromium OS running on iPad

Here's one submitted in the spirit of George Mallory with no comment. Inventive soul Hexxeh has gotten the Chromium OS up and running on an iPad. Chromium is the open source version of Google's Chrome OS. After some effort and a bit of magic, Hexxeh has got it mucking about inside an iPad. Don'...

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Google Chrome run natively (most of it, anyway)

After much lamenting and a few attempts, Google Chrome can finally be run natively in OS X. Kind of. Don't get us wrong, it works: it starts up fast and runs one process per window, just like the Windows version. But there are a few glaring holes, the lack of plugins (and therefore Flash, which me...

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Stainless: Another attempt at Chrome for OS X

At this rate, Google won't even have to release Chrome for Mac OS X -- our devs will have done it all already themselves. We've already reported about CrossOver putting their own port of Google's web browser together just to show they could do it, and now word has come in about Stainless, another at...

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CrossOver creates Chromium just to show they can do it

Mike Rose and I were chatting about this on the Talkcast a few weeks back -- virtualization and emulation programmers get all John Locke from Lost when you try to tell them what's not possible. And so when the guys at CrossOver heard that Google wasn't releasing Chrome for the Mac, they decided to p...

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