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Why Apple's patents might show screens from third-party apps

This is a weird one. FutureTap was surprised to recognize one of their app's screens in a strange place: a recent Apple patent outlining how a possible travel application could work. The company wasn't quite sure what to do next -- as you can see above, it's a straightforward copy of the Where To? ...

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2222 short stories in your pocket with the Colossal Short Story Collection

Update: This app was just released this morning in the app store and can be found here: [iTunes Link] I've done quite a bit of testing of eBooks, and quite honestly I've had a problem with the concept of reading a whole book on an iPod touch or iPhone. At a normal font size, an eBook can display ...

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BookReader for iPhone: You can't judge a book by its cover

We did a fairly extensive rundown of eBooks for the iPhone/iPod touch in August; you can take a look back if you're new to the eBook universe for Apple's mobile devices. BookReader [iTunes Link] , a US$4.99 app for devices running OS 2.21 or higher, has just joined the crowded eBook market -- bu...

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eBook Roundup: 8 Apps for iPhone readers

An e-book (or ebook, or eBook, depending upon who you ask) is the digital equivalent of a paper book. According to KiwiTech, the publishers of Classics2Go, the market for eBooks has increased more than 60% over the last six years and growth from this point is expected to be very strong. We can ...

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Google releases Books browser for iPhone

Despite the fact that the App Store is capturing everybody's attention, old-school (as in, about 8 months ago) mobile web apps are still worth checking out, too -- Andy Ihnatko reports that Google has put their Google Book Search web app in iPhone form, and the result is awesome: 1.5 million public-...

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First Look: Classics

Have you ever been stuck on a train, plane, or bus and wanted a good book to read? With Classics [iTunes Link], you can easily pick up your iPhone and begin reading a small collection of classic literature and novels. As I mentioned last week, Classics takes a new approach to reading books on the iP...

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Classics brings a different approach to reading on the iPhone

A new application coming soon to an iPhone near you hopes to bring a new experience for reading e-books. Classics.app, which is being developed by Andrew Kazmierski and Phillip Ryu, will allow its users to read classic works of literature ... right on their iPhones! Classics will feature public d...

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