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Tag: Clipboard

Command-C: A clever clipboard-sharing tool for your Mac and iOS device

Command-C is a new clipboard utility for the Mac and iOS from Danilo Torrisi that allows you to share text snippets and images between the devices. It uses a local WiFi connection so your data doesn't leave your internal network and leverages iOS 7's background notification system to make the shar...

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Weekly Mac App: CopyClip is a no-frills clipboard manager

I'm still on the search for the ultimate clipboard manager. Namely, one that tracks your clipboard content and serves as a temporary repository for longer-form text that you need to save for a short period of time. In my search, I stumbled upon CopyClip from Fiplab, a no-frills app that'll log the...

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Adding copy-to-clipboard rollovers in Contacts app via AppleScript

Apple's Contacts app includes a lot of great shortcuts for initiating different forms of communication. Just click an email address, phone number or URL field label to display a list of available options. You can send an email, show a phone number in large type or start a FaceTime call, for example....

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Collective for Mac retains your clipboard history, saves you time

Collective (US$1.99) is a clipboard history utility for Mac. It keeps track of everything you copy to your Mac's clipboard, which in turn allows you to paste different items without having to go back and forth copying and pasting over and over again. Since I've not used a clipboard utility app b...

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Unclutter offers digital pockets for your OS X miscellany

I have really mixed feelings about Unclutter for OS X (US$2.99). On the one hand, it's a pretty cool idea. The app offers a pull-out "drawer" on your desktop that lets you store files, make notes, and view your clipboard. On the other, parts of the app are unintuitive to use and could stand some ...

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Daily Mac App: iClip

I missed out on iClip during its initial heyday a few years ago, so I was pleased to see it make a comeback. The OS X utility keeps a copy of almost anything that can be sent to the clipboard. It'll also organize those into scrapbooks or however you want. iClip sits off to the right side of t...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: CmdVees

The ability to copy and paste text is a staple of the modern OS. Even iOS can do it, but on the Mac, the default clipboard behavior can be a bit limiting at times. CmdVees is a US$4.99 ($0.99 when reviewed) Mac App Store utility that acts as an extension to the OS X clipboard, allowing sequen...

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Snow Leopard nice touch: no more "Picture 1" files

I've always been a fan of ⌘-Shift-4 for taking quick and easy screenshots on my Mac, even with such level-up options as Jing, Skitch, GrabUp and LittleSnapper readily to hand. What I wasn't a fan of, however, was the proliferation of "Picture 1," "Picture 2,"... up to "Picture N" screenshot file...

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Manage your iPhone's clipboard with Snippets

The cut, copy, and paste features (finally) included in version 3.0 of the iPhone OS greatly improve the productivity of the iDevices. However, there is room for improvement. Enter Erich Bratton with his clipboard manager app, Snippets, available now in the iTunes App Store [iTunes link]. Snippets ...

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Clips updated to 1.1

Clips is a relatively new application (designed by our friend Nicholas Penree and his cohorts at Conceited Software, who also sell Linkinus) designed to kick your clipboard into overdrive -- it'll let you keep track of any and all clips even across applications, Spaces, and even different Macs. Th...

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Beta Beat: Corkboard is your clipboard's buddy

Sometimes Command-C and Command-V just aren't enough. You're working on a project and want to capture a bunch of text, pictures, or code, and then paste it into the project you're working on. Using the Mac clipboard, you're toggling between open applications, cutting and pasting like there's no t...

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Sharing your clipboard

Web Worker Daily's got a nice little roundup of apps that allow you to share your clipboard between multiple computers. There's tools for Windows, Mac and -- most useful -- cross-platform. Also, as a user points out in the comments for the post, there's, a web-based tool that lets you cut-a...

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Rock your clipboard with CopyPaste Pro

Described as "Time Machine for the clipboard," CopyPastePro takes your Mac's clipboard way beyond simple temporary storage. There's a multiple clipboard option of course, but CopyPaste Pro also lets you edit the contents of a given clipboard (or "clips" as they call them) with its built-in word pro...

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DragThing 5.9 with Leopard support and full dragabilty

DragThing, which could have my favorite Mac app name ever, is a launcher that will open up anything you (surprise!) drag to it, and can also work as a Dock alternative and a visual clipboard. The idea is that everything you need is just a click (or a hotkey press) away. And now, this thing has hit...

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PTHPasteboard Pro: multiple clipboards and text filtering

PTHPasteboard Pro is yet another multiple clipboard manager, but this one has a cool little trick up its sleeve: text filters. In addition to saving clipboard history like the many other clipboard manager out there, PTHPasteboard Pro allows you to use 40+ text filters to manipulate and transform th...

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