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Chronulator: how to make world time both ugly and confusing

I work with people all over the world and it's useful to know in advance what time it is where they are to schedule voice and video calls. Frankly, it's not that complex. The basic iOS Clock app has that covered. Or you could just ask Siri. And there are an endless number of apps that can help you...

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See what time it is around the world with Time Zones + World Clock Time Converter

Although the included Time app from Apple is useful enough, Time Zones + World Clock Time Converter (free with in-app purchase) goes Apple a few steps better. The attractive GUI features the ability to rename locations, so you can call a place "Mom and Dad". The app displays the time differential i...

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Smiley Alarm Clock is how the selfie generation wakes up

Capitalizing on the selfie craze, the Smiley Alarm Clock aims to start your morning off with a smile. Unfortunately, the app, which requires iOS 7.1 and works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, leads to frustration and general annoyance. The concept is simple. When the alarm goes off you grab ...

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iOS 7 Clock app icon shows the current time... to the second

As more and more developers are getting their hands on the iOS 7 beta, we're starting to hear about some rather interesting little touches. The latest? The iOS 7 Clock app icon shows the current time, complete with moving second hand. This is according to an unnamed developer who sent in the above...

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Productivity Tip: Time for timers

Every day you have the same 24 hours as the rest of us to get what is likely a crushing amount of work done and out of your way so you can spend some time relaxing. Or, as one author has framed it, you have 168 hours in a week to accomplish what you want and move forward toward your goals. Ho...

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Did Apple pay more than $20 million for Swiss clock design?

Apple's iPad has a gorgeous Swiss-inspired clock that may have cost the company millions. According to a report in the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, Apple paid the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) 20 million Swiss francs (US$21 million) for the rights to use the iconic clock face in iOS 6. The ...

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Swiss clock licensee 'surprised' that Apple can use clock design

Earlier this week, Apple secured a license from the Swiss Railway to use its iconic Swiss Clock on the iPad. This agreement was lauded by the SBB, but it wasn't so favorably received by Swiss watch maker Mondaine, according to a report in MacWorld UK. The watchmaker has held an exclusive licens...

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Apple agrees to licensing terms over Swiss clock design

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and Apple have reached a licensing agreement that'll let Apple use the SBB's iconic clock design in iOS 6. Last month, the Swiss national railway criticized Apple for copying the look of the classic clock face without permission in the clock app on the iPad. Eng...

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Apple reportedly meeting with Swiss Federal Railway over iOS 6 clock

Remember that iOS 6 clock the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) said Apple copied from them? It seems they'll be sitting down together soon to discuss an arrangement. As noted by CNET, the SBB doesn't necessarily want money from Apple and is "proud" its design wound up in iOS 6. I'm not sure what they...

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Swiss Federal Railways accuses Apple of copying its clock

Switzerland's Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (Swiss Federal Railway service) has accused Apple of copying its iconic clock in the new Clock app for iPad [Google translation], introduced with iOS 6. The Hans Hilfiker-designed clock has become a symbol of Switzerland itself. The newspaper article not...

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iOS 6: The iPad Clock app

The fact that the iPad never had its own built-in Clock app always seemed like a curious omission. After all, the iPhone has had one from the day it launched; I don't know about you, but the iPhone's alarm is what wakes me up every weekday morning. In iOS 6, that strange exclusion ends, as th...

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Chameleon Clock will startle people walking near your desk

Here's a cute universal app with limited utility but great creativity. Chameleon Clock, selling for US $0.99, captures the background behind your iPad or iPhone using the built-in camera, then superimposes the time and date above that scene. The result is an illusion of a transparent iPad or iP...

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Lesser known features in iOS's built-in apps

iOS ships with a few core apps such as a calculator and a weather app, which are there for your convenience. Yes, you might have found third-party replacements for them, but they're still nice to have when you are in a pinch. And if you spend some time with these apps like Lex Friedman of Macwo...

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iOS users jump time zones during DST switch

Ah, the pleasures of Daylight Saving Time. The semi-annual clock shift (known as "Summer Time" in the UK and Europe) saves energy on lighting and heating and aligns daylight hours with the times most people are active; unfortunately, the actual change leads to frayed sleep, a brief spike in traffic...

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Daily Mac App: TimePlus

I'm almost afraid to write about TimePlus because it is such an accurate simulation of the LCARS interface from Star Trek: The Next Generation (complete with sound effects) I worry that the lawyers will descend upon the developer and force him to remove all traces of familiarity in the app. S...

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