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Attack of the Clones: The Flappy Bird copies have arrived, and boy are they crappy

Flappy Bird is simple, straightforward and hugely successful. Those three things make it a prime target for copycats, and now that the game has perched itself on the top of the App Store charts, the clones are arriving in full force. They are, on the whole, completely garbage, and I've taken a w...

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Daily iPhone App: Clone Booth is wacky, but simple

We reported last month that the makers of You Don't Know Jack, formerly called Jellyvision, had changed its name to Jackbox Software. Now, Clone Booth is the very first release under the new brand. Unfortunately, this isn't a game at all. It's a utility of sorts that lets you insert your face int...

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Morning chuckle: Attack of the clone apps

A link to this story on App Store clone apps crossed our desks this morning at TUAW central. We spent quite a bit of time arguing over which one was the most outrageous rip-off of a Nintendo title. It's a wonderful write-up, and I encourage you to pop over and read it all. The entire post is sor...

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Court refuses request to review Psystar case

You have to give Psystar credit for being tenacious. The Mac clone company spent four years fighting Apple and took its legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court. According to a CNET report, the Supreme Court on Monday refused Psystar's request to review a lower court decision that prevents t...

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Ripoff apps plague some iOS developers

Update: Some of the Tamsong apps have already begun disappearing from the store. Near-clone apps in the iOS App Store? It's not a new phenomenon, by any means; last week, developer Anton Sinelnikov had the bulk of his app library yanked from the store for plagiarism. In fact, high-profile app launc...

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Apple removes one iOS developer's copycat games

Image: Shutterstock A few days ago, I caught a tweet from Paul Haddad (of Tapbots), showing a screen full of obvious copycat apps from one developer. Of course, anyone who has spent appreciable time on the App Store knows there are plenty of copycats out there. Not all of them are small shops, eit...

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Apple awarded key win over Psystar

It's been a long time since we've heard anything from Psystar, the company responsible for making unauthorized Mac clones in 2008. Apple sued the company into the bedrock due to it selling PC hardware with OS X pre-installed, a violation of Apple's OS X licensing agreement. Psystar has made num...

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Chinese 11.6" MacBook Air clone needs to go on a diet

Mac fans in China who can't get their hands on a real MacBook Air can pick up the next best thing something that would make Steve Jobs and Jony Ive nauseous: an 11.6" MacBook Air clone. Made by China's E-Stary, the HY118 (gotta love that name) has the guts of a standard netbook, including a typi...

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Apple and Psystar still battling in court

Like a league of zombies that just won't go away, Mac clone maker Psystar just keeps coming back for more punishment. In the most recent chapter of this ongoing courtroom drama, Psystar filed an Opening Brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its request for an appeal to the permanent i...

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Psystar to pursue OEM licensing program despite legal woes

Legal issues? What legal issues? Psystar has announced that it plans to license its virtualization technology for OS X to third-party vendors despite its continuing legal issues with Apple. The Psystar OEM Licensing Program, designed to allow Intel machines to run Snow Leopard -- actually, cer...

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Member of Psystar's legal team quits

Earlier this week, David Welker (co-founder of lawfirm Welker and Rosario) left Psystar's legal team. He will be succeeded by Eugene Action, who is already listed as the council of record. If you're unfamiliar with this story (and who could blame you, it's so ridiculous), here's a primer. Psystar...

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Psystar sues over Snow Leopard, abandons reality

When I was a kid my neighbor had an enormous St. Bernard dog named Caesar. It lived in a grungy dog house in their back yard. Caesar's hobbies included barking incessantly. In fact, that was all he ever did. All day and all night that furry, drooling monstrosity barked. LIke a canine jackhammer to t...

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Psystar releases Open(3), plays with fire

Say, just for the sake of argument, that you're Psystar. You've been served by Apple for selling (they claim) illegal clones of their machines, and selling their OS (which you claim isn't even copyrighted) on illegitimate hardware. Sure, you've won a minor victory in the battle, but generally, the...

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Psystar continues to be stubborn

Psystar, as you may remember, is the computer company that has begun selling computers with Mac OS X Leopard pre-installed. Of course, they drew the attention of Apple legal right away, but that only caused them to further dig in their heels. Last month, they challenged Apple's claim to the copyrig...

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EFi-X USA among latest to sell OS X capable machines

Update: The EFi-X development team contacted Engadget to report that they have nothing to do with "EFi-X USA" and they do not approve of this effort to sell Mac OS X-compatible machines. Classy! Update #2 (6 p.m. ET): EFi-X has let Engadget know that it is shutting down EFi-X USA's plans to sell th...

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