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CloudFella manages cloud accounts but is hampered by crashes

CloudFella for iOS manages your files in four of the major cloud services: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote. CloudFella gives you access to all of your files across these services, provides searching, statistics, local storage, and a duplicate files finder. Unfortunately...

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Steve Wozniak thinks modern dependence on cloud services comes with a loss of security

In just a few short years cloud technology has revolutionized how society interacts with computers in ways not seen since the introduction of the hard drive. It allows us to share knowledge, quickly access troves of information without sacrificing space on our personal devices and even work with o...

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NeatConnect Cloud Scanner: Computerless scanning and digital filing

You've probably seen Neat's TV ads touting their new NeatConnect Cloud Scanner (US$499.95). They show someone with a desk somewhat neater than mine quickly scanning in receipts, bills, and business cards with nary a desktop computer in sight. The company sent one to TUAW for a review, so read how ...

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Haiku Deck updates iPad app, launches web-based cloud version

Making presentations is a harsh reality of modern business life. Eventually you'll have to use PowerPoint or Keynote to sell your ideas. But there are alternatives for people who find those presentation options heavy handed and difficult to use. For more than 800,000 iPad users, the go-to alternat...

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MediaFire launches MediaFire Desktop cloud file-sharing client for OS X

Cloud storage company MediaFire has launched an open beta of its MediaFire Desktop client for OS X. With it, the company hopes to take on more well-known cloud file-sharing solutions like Dropbox. In a statement announcing the beta, the company says: Designed to complement MediaFire's online sto...

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Edit Office files and present on the go with hopTo for iPad

iPad owners, are you feeling constrained in your content creation choices? While there are some savvy cloud-connected apps that let you open, edit or share your Microsoft Office-formatted documents, relatively few will connect to multiple data sources, sync files with a desktop PC, track changes i...

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Dropcam powers up connected video with new Pro camera

Do you have pets or family members you enjoy checking in on remotely? Or a home that makes you nervous when you're not physically in it, worrying about your stuff? When you think about ways to soothe your anxiety and keep an eye on the things you care about, the mountable, networked, USB-powered, ...

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BlackBerry announces cloud-based enterprise mobility management for iOS

Embattled mobile hardware makers BlackBerry has announced that it is bringing a new cloud software solution to iOS to enable "trusted and simple" enterprise mobility management on Apple's devices. The new cloud solution (which apparently doesn't have a name yet) aims to tackle the BYOD complexitie...

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Doctape file viewer launches for iOS

Now that Dropbox and a million other cloud storage utilities have put virtually any file type we want within reach of our iOS devices there's just one problem left to solve: How do you open up uncommon file types? To quote late night television "there has to be a better way." Cloud storage company D...

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Feedly Pro available with search, Evernote support, more

Several of us around the TUAW newsroom love Feedly -- it's a free, cloud-based RSS aggregation tool that stepped into the void that the loss of Google Reader created. In order to finance further development of this powerful tool, Feedly today announced an early lifetime edition version of Feedly P...

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A look at apps with waiting lists

The way we look at new app launches is changing thanks to the cloud. Rather than a full-scale launch that invites everyone to download and try an app, developers are rolling out their apps slowly, opting for a waiting list that meters access to a service. Several high profile apps recently used th...

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Flowboard is a great way to create and share content via your iPad

So much for the 'can't create content on your iPad' naysayers. Flowboard is a well thought out, free app that lets you create presentations with text, video, or graphics. I could see this being very useful for teachers, artists, photographers, people in PR and students. You can add videos, PDF fi...

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iWork for iCloud beta invites expand the pool of access

As work continues on Apple's newest cloud application suite, iWork for iCloud, the circle of access for non-developers appears to be widening. We reported back on July 3 that some iCloud users were already seeing the beta versions of the web productivity apps in their iCloud dashboards, although A...

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Kim Dotcom's Mega coming soon to iOS

Kim Dotcom's cloud storage file-sharing service, called Mega, is coming soon to iOS. The service launched earlier this year to mark the one-year anniversary of the US government's seizure of Mega works like many other cloud storage solutions, like Dropbox. However, Mega offers user...

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Feedly RSS reader launches cloud service

Feedly is a service that's risen in popularity recently for the most part because the much-loved RSS service Google Reader is coming to close on July 1, but the company is definitely doing its best to make a space for itself as something more than just an alternative. Today, Feedly released the ...

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