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Sports fans with iPads score with in-stadium WiFi

A lot of sports fans are going to be, in the words of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, "Happy, happy, happy" this fall. That's because a number of stadiums are installing WiFi networks that make toting the iPad to a football game a great way to access the second screen that fans enjoy at home. ZDNe...

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Think before you switch carriers

With a new iPhone or two on the near horizon and plenty of people ready to buy one, there are probably a few million people who are also thinking about switching mobile carriers. Last year, when the iPhone 5 was the newest kid on the block, I decided that I was through with AT&T and I switched...

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Improve your at bat with an iPod

The Colorado Rockies are using iPods (with video) to help their players improve their batting skills. It seems that one iPod can hold five seasons worth of at bats for a particular player, letting the ball player review his performance at his convenience. The Rockies also plan to equip their talent ...

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