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King claims 70 million daily active players, Pet Rescue Saga coming soon to mobile

King, which used to be called it pulled a name change at GDC this year, has announced that it has 70 million daily active players, which is a crazy number. By far, King's biggest title is Candy Crush Saga. The company notes that the game has 15.5 million active players on Facebook every...

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360intersect inspires techies without getting technical

This past weekend in Seattle a small group of tech folks gathered to talk about the work they do while away from the computer. Unlike a lot of tech conferences, there were no discussions of APIs or frameworks, no in-depth analysis of App Store sales figures or phoney-baloney social marketing doubl...

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Laying the groundwork for Galcon 2

Developer Phil Hassey kicked off our meeting at last week's GDC by showing me a necklace and a fridge magnet set both based on his oft-remade game Galcon, just two of the different rewards in the Kickstarter that recently raised him over $25,000 for development. Hassey has remade Galcon quite a...

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Hitch a car ride with SideCar for iPhone

I can remember as a kid how popular it was to hitchhike. People would stand on the side of the road, stick out their thumb to look for a ride. Nowadays, SideCar wants to replace your thumb with an iPhone, according to a CNET report. Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, the community-driven servi...

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Dubdub Monday: Upcoming WWDC 2012 metaliveblog and TUAW community events

TUAW isn't just a blog, it's a community. And we're getting all excited for Monday's upcoming WWDC keynote. We want you to be part of the fun. Please join us for all the events and coverage during the day. We'll be hosting a special edition of TUAW TV Live before the keynote. We'll kick off a...

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IndieDevLab offers community space near Moscone if you didn't get a WWDC ticket

WWDC sold out pretty quickly yesterday. So what do you do if you want to be part of the dev scene that week? IndieDevLab to the rescue. Monster Costume devs Kyle Kinkade and Nate True and JailbreakCon's Craig Fox quickly started organizing a way for iOS and OS X developers to gather together outs...

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MacTech 2011 pulls in huge attendance, videos available now

MacTech Conference 2011 was held this week in Los Angeles, California, and since last year, this conference has definitely grown. There were almost twice as many people as last year's event, says MacTech publisher Neil Ticktin, reaching a total of almost 350 people. There were plenty of great s...

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Dear Apple: Thank you for pulling out of Macworld Expo

It feels weird to be thanking Apple for something it hasn't done, instead of one of the things it actually has done that I am very pleased with. But here goes: thank you, Apple, for finally and officially blowing off Macworld Expo. I attended two Macworld Expos with Apple, both in 2007 and 2008. ...

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Happy 10th birthday to Mac OS X Hints

Because we veteran Mac sites have to stick together, we're sending congratulations out to the good folks over at Mac OS X Hints, who yesterday turned the ripe old age (in blogging years, anyway) of ten years old. The site, created by Rob Griffiths and now run by Macworld, continues to be a terrific...

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TextPlus goes beyond free texting, boosts communities

When I bought my iPhone 3GS, one of the helpful Apple retail guys told me to give textPlus a try for sending text messages, as I'd bought into the cheapest texting plan AT&T offers. I've since graduated to unlimited texting, and had left textPlus by the wayside until I found out it had a blossom...

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Chat live during the iPad 3G release

You waited, you waited, and you waited. And now some of you finally got your new iPad 3G. Sure, most of you had to remain patient while us Wi-Fi owners preened and showed off our new babies. And some of you are still waiting for the next ship date (the "arrives by" in May). For some of you, thoug...

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Current game network developers comment on Apple's Game Center

Way back in February at Macworld, one of my questions to Eros Remini of OpenFeint was pretty blunt: "Why," I asked a representative from the biggest third-party social gaming network on the iPhone, "haven't we seen an official platform-wide network?" Remini didn't have a good answer for Apple, but h...

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Going to Macworld Expo 2010? Join our community for updates and news

For the past several years, IDG World Expo has created a community on Ning for Macworld Expo. You can join up and follow various bloggers and companies, and now TUAW has a group page for the show. To join the group, just head over to You can participate in...

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Psystar alienates the Hackintosh community, too

Say what you will about Psystar, the community that continues to sell computers running OS X, despite bankruptcy, constant legal problems with Apple, and a case so slim even their own legal team gave up. Sure, they're out of reason, out of room, and way out of line, but at least they've got plenty o...

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Gamesalad aiming to bring their development system to the iPhone

Here's yet another interesting take on the burgeoning App Store environment. A company called Gendai Games has a game creator IDE/app called Gamesalad, designed to let you put together rapid prototype-style games for the Mac. They've been doing this for a while, and they even let you export your gam...

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