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iPad 2 video mirroring to Mac, the cheap and dirty way

Earlier this week, I wrote a lengthy post about how Erica Sadun and I were struggling to find a way to capture video from an iPad 2 on a Mac. Erica wanted to do screencasts, my goal was to have a good way to grab live video from an iPad 2 and broadcast it on TUAW TV Live. We both had a secondar...

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Found Footage: Apple TV Composite Hack in Full Color

Apple Hacker Mauricio Pastrana discovered a way to export composite video from his Apple TV in full color. He gives all the details in this handy YouTube tutorial. Normally, when you use composite out from AppleTV, you're limited to black and white video from the green channel. Instead, if you plug...

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EyeTV Hybrid

TV on a Mac is a foreign concept to most people, but EyeTV hopes to change that with the introduction of the minuscule (just a bit larger than an iPod Shuffle) EyeTV Hybrid USB TV tuner. Capable of receiving both digital (S-Video via an adapter) and analog (using the built-in coax plug or the includ...

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