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Tag: Connect360

Rivet media sharing for Xbox 360

Mac users who have wanted to share audio, video, and pictures with their Xbox 360s have had to depend on Connect360 from Nullriver Software. Now, however, there's a new option: Rivet from Cynical Peak Software. Frankly, it does about the same thing as Connect360, running in your menu bar and allowin...

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TUAW Buyers Guide: Gifts for gamers

As we found out this past year, gamers have Macs, too. When you think of gaming gifts, you don't usually think of getting suggestions from a Mac blog-- most of (if not all of) the best games this year aren't playable on a Mac at all. But nevertheless, we're out there-- people who love gaming and M...

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Connect360 now does DivX/Xvid

We've posted on Connect360 from nullriver several times before. This handy Preference Pane application allows you to stream media (music, pictures, and video) from your Mac to your Xbox 360 (by emulating a Windows machine). Well the Fall 2007 Dashboard update for Xbox 360 just dropped this week and,...

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Connect360 updated with H.264 support

A while back in our TUAW Guide to Xbox 360 and Mac we mentioned the forthcoming Spring Dashboard update on the 360 was to bring updated video codec support. Well that update dropped last week and Nullriver has correspondingly updated their Connect360 software (which we've mentioned before) that allo...

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Ask TUAW: Printing Finder window contents, CornerClick, a Finder hotkey, editing AVIs and more

This week's Ask TUAW takes us into questions about printing Finder window contents, assigning programs to the corner of your screen, bringing up the Finder with a HotKey, integrating Apple productivity programs, recording TV on your Mac and editing AVIs . Remember new Mac users and Switchers who are...

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TUAW Guide: Xbox 360 and Mac

In many of the recent reviews of the Apple TV, the Xbox 360 was often mentioned as a competing Media Extender product. Having recently bought a 360, I thought it would be good to discover the ways in which my two pretty white boxes can work together. In this TUAW Guide to Xbox 360 and the Mac, I'm g...

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Stream iLife media to your Xbox 360

If you're one of the Crazy Ones who fought their way through hordes of game-addicted line-dwellers at Best Buy to get their hands on one of those swanky new Xbox 360s, this may interest you: Nullriver -- the same company that brought you Amaryllis and PSPWare -- has developed an app called Connect36...

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