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Poll: Would you recommend a contract-free iPhone

The iPhone 4 debuts on the 24th of June. I am one of the many users whose upgrade date falls after 1/1/11. Looking at the difference between no-commitment pricing and upgrade-date-after pricing, I've been considering the no-commitment option and coming up without many answers. The math is not pa...

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Pricing the tablet: How high can they go?

With the Apple tablet due to be announced next Wednesday, we've been seeing a lot of possible price points thrown around. Will the tablet retail for $999? Or is a $699 or $799 unit in the cards? It's really hard to say because as with all retail, both price and value depend a good deal on supply and...

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Rumor: AT&T to reduce cost of entry iPhone plan

The Street is reporting on a rumor today that AT&T is planning to drop the cost of the entry-level iPhone plan in the US from $69US per month to $59 per month. The suspected drop will take place when new iPhone models are released, as early as "...next month." What's AT&T's motivation here? ...

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iPhone 3G may be sold unsubsidized

Will the iPhone be sold unsubsidized? That's the conclusion I'm coming to as I read between the lines of this AT&T Memo to Retail Managers. The money quote is this: "However, not all customers will be qualified upgrades. AT&T has not determined the price of the 3G device for non-qualified up...

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Mass-media mess-up: NBC doesn't get the iTunes store

Within the last week, news that Apple and NBC had failed to renew their agreement for TV show distribution via the iTunes Store is undoubtedly big news. An NBC Universal spokesman has been quoted by the New York Times as claiming that the iTunes Store's raison d'etre "[The iTunes Store] is designed ...

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Maybe a contract-free iPhone is NOT out of the question

Yes, the commercials say "2 Year Activation". Yes, I said that it looked like prepaid options were out of the picture. This came a few weeks after after we had heard rumors about prepaid iPhone codes. This evening, Christopher Price over at Phone News dropped me a note and we briefly chatted back a...

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Rumors: iPhones without contracts? Probably not

Over at iPhone Matters, Tanner Godarzi asks whether you'll be able to buy an iPhone without a new contract, speculating that stores with extra inventory may allow just that. I think that's pretty unlikely. The commercials clearly state "Use requires a minimum new 2-year activation plan". Godarzi als...

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Rumors: Contract-less iPhone for $899 and $999

I found this latest contract-free iPod pricing rumor over at TechnoJunkie. The poster there writes that he (or she) popped into a Cingular store the other day and chatted up some employees about the iPhone. The employees offered that non-Contract iPhones would sell for $899 (4 GB) and $999 (8 GB) co...

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