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Irish Prime Minister visits Apple's European headquarters

One week after Apple announced it would create another 500 jobs at its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, the employees there got a visit from none other than Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The visit happened yesterday, reports MacWorld UK, and during that time Kenny was snapped chat...

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Apple to create 500 jobs in Cork, Ireland

Apple announced today that it will expand its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. "Apple has been in Cork for over 30 years and we are thrilled to be expanding our presence there," an Apple spokesman told the Irish Times. "Our plans will add over 500 new jobs to support our growing business across Eur...

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Apple to create 350 jobs in Cork, Ireland

There's good news for Cork, Ireland residents looking for work. The Irish Examiner is reporting that Apple intends to create 350 jobs in the city. Apple has reportedly leased the top two floors of a building on Cork's Half Moon Street (about 25,000 sq ft.), which was completed in 2009. This won'...

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Flickr Find: Inside an Apple manufacturing plant

It looks like Flickr user dinsdale79 was lucky enough to get an inside tour of Apple's manufacturing plant in Ireland. He took a bunch of pictures, though nothing of a sensitive nature (so I am pretty sure no one will be fired over these pictures, so no need to comment about that). This is a chance ...

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