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Ask TUAW: Windows Printing, AutoFill, FireWire HDs, MacBook power adapters and more

It's time again for Ask TUAW, our weekly feature where you ask the questions and we make up the answers... er, I mean carefully research and determine the optimal solution. This week we'll be tackling questions about printing from OS X to a printer connected to a Windows box, AutoFill in Safari, pro...

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The Little Things: Infinitely large targets

Some of the unsung wonders of working in Mac OS X are the features influenced by Fitts' Law. I first saw this concept mentioned and articulated by John Gruber in his Fitts's Law and the Apple and Spotlight Menus portion of a Tiger Details page he was maintaining after the launch of 10.4. In fact, ...

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Ask TUAW: Printing Finder window contents, CornerClick, a Finder hotkey, editing AVIs and more

This week's Ask TUAW takes us into questions about printing Finder window contents, assigning programs to the corner of your screen, bringing up the Finder with a HotKey, integrating Apple productivity programs, recording TV on your Mac and editing AVIs . Remember new Mac users and Switchers who are...

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Mac and Mobile: tips for Notebook Users

Samuel Cohen over at theappleblog has a nice post up on ten top apps for laptop-toting Mac users. Many of his selections are old favorites (Quicksilver), but there are a few here that are new to me. The CornerClick Preference Pane allows you to assign various actions to the corners of your screen. A...

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