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Dollar Store Accessories: Screen cleaning wipes

Next up on our tour of dollar store iOS tech accessories are screen-cleaning wipes. Wipes play an important role with touch-based screens, even in the age of oleophobic (oil-repelling) displays. At US$0.05 per wipe, this box of 20 screen wipes compares favorably in price to those large boxes you m...

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Costco to stop selling Apple products

While Apple continues to line up 3rd-party retailers, discount chain Costco is bailing out. The Seattle Times reports that Costco will begin to phase out all Apple products, though a timeline was not given. The retailer has been selling iPods and pre-paid iTunes gift cards for years. However, Apple ...

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5 reasons to love Costco during the gift-giving season

The topic of Costco came up several times in the sidechat during last night's talkcast. Since so many good ideas were bandied about, I decided to collect a few into a post today. Here are our top reasons to love Costco for holiday gifts. That amazing return guarantee. Yes, Costco no longer has a 1-...

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iPhone 101: Uploading your Pictures to Flickr and printing sites

Uploading pictures from your iPhone to Flickr couldn't be easier. Many photo hosting and printing sites now allow you to upload pictures by email. (Of coure check with your host or printing service to see if they offer this option.) For Flickr, visit flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail. They'll assign ...

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Apple TV at Costco

Ars Technica reports that Apple TV has begun to show up at Target and Costco stores. Apple TVs have been sighted at the Lincoln Park, Chicago Costco retailing for $289.99, saving you a cool ten bucks off the normal price. Jacqui Cheng writes that the normal Costco return policies seem to apply to Ap...

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Save 10% - iTunes $50 gift card for $45 at Costco

Christopher Breen at Playlist's iPod blog found a great little deal on iTunes gift cards. Costco.com is offering the $50 gift card for $45 while supplies last. Breen mentions that local Costcos brick and mortar retail outlets may have a limited supply available for sale as well. This is a great pric...

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Mac mini "bundles" at Costco

ifoAppleStore is pointing out a pretty good deal discovered at Costco. A Mac mini, wireless keyboard and mouse and Apple Care plan are all bundled together in one big, plastic package for $699US. Compare that to $847US for a similarly equipped, low-end mini (we don't know the stats of the mini in th...

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Costco selling the 20" iMac G5 at discount

A Mac User Group email list that I'm on noticed that Costco of all places (think: Sams Club competitor) is selling the 20" iMac G5 with iSight for $1479.99. While the machine is listed on their site, they instruct customers to check their local stores for available stock; it looks like they don...

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