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The iPad and MIDI hardware working together, here's how.

Create Digital Music has put together an interesting video detailing the various ways that you can connect MIDI gear (synthesizers / keyboards) to your iPad. MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) is the standard means by which musical information is communicated between MIDI capable hardware ...

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iOS 4.2 to support MIDI

It's come to light that the upcoming release of iOS 4.2 (due in November) will support all-out MIDI. According to Mike Keller, writing for PC World, Core MIDI on iOS 4.2 should work just as Core MIDI does on Mac OS X, meaning that your iDevice running iOS 4.2 will communicate with other MIDI compati...

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Create an 8-bit masterpiece in Garageband

In my day videogame consoles had 8 bits and we liked it. Nintendo ruled the gaming landscape and Microsoft was no where to be seen. Ah, those were the days. Why am I going on about 8-bits games here on TUAW? Because Create Digital Music has discovered a plugin for Garageband that turns your Mac into...

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