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Curiosity ends; Winner will become Godus' god

We've been following the saga of 22Cans' Curiosity ever since it started last year, and after speeding up the project just recently, Peter Molyneux has announced via Twitter today that it's now done. The last cube has been tapped by a winner in Scotland named Bryan Henderson, and the prize is th...

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22Cans speeds up the Curiosity cube

Peter Molyneux's 22Cans studio put out Curiosity on iOS last year, as a sort of a social game-slash-experiment. The idea was that hundreds of thousands of people would be able to download the app, and then use it chip away (by tapping) on a virtual cube, unearthing layer after layer of virtual...

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22cans' lead game designer talks about Curiosity and moving forward to Godus

Gary Leach is the lead game engineer at 22cans, which you probably know by now is game designer Peter Molyneux's experimental startup aiming to put together 22 different game experiences before actually releasing a full title. So far, 22cans has favored the iOS and Mac platforms with their re...

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Daily iPhone App: Curiosity makes you wonder what is in the cube

Curiosity, a free app that arrived on the App Store last night, is more of an experiment than a game. It's developed by a company called 22 Cans, which is Peter Molyneux's latest endeavor. Molyneux is the famous creator of classic games like Dungeon Keeper, Populous, and Fable. Now he's bu...

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Fifth Avenue Apple cube being revamped, here it is

Apple announced plans a little while ago to revamp the glass cube that sits on top of New York's iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store, and Gothamist has the first pictures of the new design, as seen above. As you can tell, it's simpler and cleaner, representing a smooth and sleek entrance that's eve...

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Looking back at Apple's Cube, ten years later

The Register has an excellent writeup posted with a look back at Apple's Power Mac G4 Cube (affectionately referred to as "The Cube"), which was released to the public 'suspended' from production 10 years ago this coming weekend. At the time, back in 2001, the Cube drew a lot of jeers, most...

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Apple Store 5th Ave continues to defy gravity, macroeconomics

While the entire retail sector is in the doldrums of recession and reduced consumer demand, there's a shiny spot in midtown NYC with a big glass cube sitting on top of it. Apple's 5th Avenue store should replace that glowing Apple with a big ol' dollar sign, according to a report from Bloomberg News...

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Visua Mobile's old Apples collection

A couple of months ago I wound up in Paris and received a surprising direct message via Twitter from a young employee at Visua Mobile. Having nothing better to do in the City of Light, I wound up at their offices. I'm often suspect when a "mobile" development company rings me about their iPhone stab...

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Found Footage: Power Mac G4 Cube Transformer Robot

Although the Power Mac G4 Cube is one of the all-time classic cool-looking Macs, wouldn't it be even cooler if your Cube could transform into a robot? TUAW reader W from used a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit and a Cube body to create a Cube-bot with both autonomous and remote control mod...

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The Cube lives again, sorta

Here's a clever blending of Apple past and present, in keeping with our post yesterday on Mac mini mods. Rich Willis has managed to stuff a Mac mini, an external HD, and an Airport Extreme into the clear plastic shell of an old G4 Cube. Moving very slowly (to avoid melting the acrylic Cube case) he...

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Rig of the Week: Cube all-in-one

This week's rig is another Cube mod. Reader bigtimeproducer has posted a picture of an Apple Cube case that has been stripped clean and retro-fitted with a Mac mini, external hard drive and an Airport Extreme. It looks cool, and probably gets a good wireless signal (seeing as the basestation is inch...

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Rig of the Week: Cool Cube mod

This week's rig comes from reader nash_h, who modded a Cube to look like a tiny Mac Pro. First of all, we love Cubes and secondly, this is one sweet mod. Nice job, nash_h. "new mac pro" posted by nash_h. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool...

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NYC store cube as advertising space

Now we know why Steve loves his cube so much: It's free advertising space! Earlier yesterday morning (Monday, March 12th), workers placed a huge iPhone ad over one side of the cube. It features the now familiar image of a hand holding an iPhone and the line, "Introducing iPhone. Apple reinvents the ...

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Here's what happens when a Cube devours a Mac mini

This is just so perfect I want to cry. Those that know me already know that I'm an Apple Cube fanatic. And if you didn't know - well now you do. My own Cube sports a a shiny black aluminum PowerCube enclosure (with obligatory white Apple logo affixed to the front), a Dual 1.7GHz 7447A CPU, 1.5GB R...

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Muslim community offended by Apple's Fifth Avenue NYC Cube?

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that the glass Cube Apple erected earlier this year on New York's tony Fifth Ave, dubbed Apple Mecca by many of the Mac faithful, is offensive to Muslims due to the Cube's resemblance to the Ka'bah (aka The House of Abraham). The report goes o...

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