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Tag: Cult of Mac

The iDelivery

With any luck, the pizza won't catch on fire. Thanks, Matt Johnson...

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Creative firm declares Steve Jobs Day on October 14

A creative agency named Studiocom has started up a movement to name October 14 as Steve Jobs Day, in order to honor admire and pay tribute to the great Apple Chairman of the Board. The movement is completely unofficial, but the firm wants to get action going on social networks, and even encoura...

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Found Footage: iPads take the a cappella out of the girl group

Behold the power of iPad. It can charm even the most non-technological of artists. This video highlights a Finnish a cappella group (i.e., a chorus that normally sings without accompaniment, creating all harmonies through voice) who have finally gotten their hands on iPads. Here, they rock out to...

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First Look: Ninja Steve for iOS

CEO. Industry Mogul. Superhero. That's the idea behind the upcoming Ninja Steve app. Inspired by the fake story about Steve Jobs being denied the chance to take shuriken onto his private plane, Ninja Steve transforms an urban legend into a deliciously silly idea for a game. It features a CEO hero...

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Toy Story director is a Mac addict

Lee Unkrich is one of the creative minds behind the Toy Story series, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. Those are, of course, just a few of his accomplishments. He's obviously a fairly important part of the Pixar creative empire, and his movies have inspired millions of people. He's a...

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Bloom County's Banana Jr 6000 lives on as a fantastic case mod

If you're too young to remember it, the Banana Jr 6000 was a thing of beauty that appeared in the comic strip Bloom County, which used to run in these things we called newspapers. (You can find out more about newspapers on Wikipedia and by asking your older relatives.) To this day, Bloom County stil...

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John Sculley on Steve Jobs' guiding principles

In an unprecedented interview, former Apple CEO John Sculley discusses his relationship, past and present, with Steve Jobs. Initially pulled from Pepsi Co. by Steve Jobs in 1983, Sculley ran Apple with Jobs until Jobs was ousted in 1985. Sculley then ran Apple as the sole CEO until 1993. In the i...

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No Comment: Just what do you think of this decal, Dave?

This MacBook decal is great, and it looks like it would work well on your iPad, too -- though you might not get that glowing effect that makes it so awesome. We've seen quite a few fun decals similar to this before, including some specifically for the iPad, some for the iPhone, and even some ot...

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Reminder: Woz on Big Bang Theory tonight

Finally! Tonight's the night! We first heard months ago that our own Steve Wozniak was coming to the nerdy sitcom Big Bang Theory, and tonight is the night that he makes his appearance. We're still not sure how or why he'll show up, but tonight's episode is about scientist Sheldon trying to put his...

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Archeologists brave flinging bits of rock with the iPad

You hear about interesting uses for the iPad all the time, and many times, those uses are merely theoretical. Sure, using an iPad at an archeological dig sounds cool and practical and all, but does anybody really do it? As it turns out, the answer to that question is "yes." In some of Apple's onl...

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Event streaming to stress-test new datacenter

Not much of a surprise, but nice to have some details: Cult of Mac cites a source close to Apple saying that the live stream of today's iPod event will be used to put some real-time load on Apple's new North Carolina data center. The facility isn't all the way operational quite yet, but it's appare...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Apple borked my box. Now what?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I ordered a 32GB iPad WiFi+3G model back in March, shortly after they were announced. I ordered a few accessories too, each of which has shipped separately ahead of the iPad. I received the first accessory today via FedEx--the iPad Dock. I've always been a fan of Apple's packag...

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Like iPad, blistering in the sun: Temperature issues reported

With all deference to the Violent Femmes, there's nothing upbeat about the cases of overheating that some iPad users are facing in the early days with the device. We've heard directly from two readers about the dreaded 'iPad needs to cool down before you can use it' message; Henry in Colorado and Jo...

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Found Footage: Singing with a quartet of iPhones

Happy weekend! Here's a girl from Korea, named applegirl002 over on YouTube, playing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" with a quartet of iPhones as accompaniment. Sure, the song's not that great, but look at those iPhones go! She's using I am T-Pain for autotuning the singing, Beatmaker for laying out the...

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iPhones you'll want to sink your teeth into

We've had coverage of other iPhone edibles before, in particular the many cakes that have been created since the iPhone first came to life in 2007. Now, via Cult of Mac comes word of iPhone cookies from several bakeries around the globe. The first, as seen in the photo at right, is from the Green...

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