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Friday Favorite: Handbrake bridges the gap between DVDs and my iPad

Fact: It is often ridiculously cheaper to buy physical DVDs off Amazon than to purchase the same material in an existing digital format from your vendor of choice, like iTunes. Case in point, a friend of mine and I recently started watching Conviction, a one-season series that broadcast a few year...

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LightScribe software for optical disc labels finally updated

Optical discs... Apple hates them, but lots of people still use them. Blu-ray has been a relatively slow starter in the computer world and we will never see that technology in an Apple product. LightScribe software has been around since 2004 when HP brought it to market. If you had a LightScribe-c...

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AVP Evolution hosting a contest to put fan art in the game

Fox recently released an official Aliens vs. Predator action game on the App Store called AVP Evolution, which you can pick up if interested right now for US$4.99. Unfortunately, we weren't that impressed with the game here at TUAW -- it's a pretty boring action game with some solid graphics (a...

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Play .dvdmedia files with VLC

Update 2013-04-11: Thanks to Felix Paul Kühne, lead developer of VLC for Mac, this feature has been added to VLC 2.0.6 without the need for the user to make any changes to the app. If you use that version, or later, you do not need to take the steps below. The article below remains only for...

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Connect with your 8mm memories using YesVideo's app and a TUAW discount

Nothing says "analog" like a shoebox full of old videotapes, Super 8 movies and slides. Even if you wanted to watch them (or subject friends / kids to them), digging out the old projector or VCR is a dicey proposition. Converting film to video or digital storage is possible to achieve DIY, but ...

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DVDs are playing back on my Apple TV using AirFlick and AirPlay!

The Unicorn has landed! Rainbows! Starshine! Skittle poo! It's like Christmas! So why this exuberance and excitement? My Apple TV is right now, this very second, even as we speak, playing back a DVD of Finding Nemo. It's seriously awesome. Why watch a DVD on a laptop when you can ...

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iCollect Movies HD catalogs your movie collection on your iPad

MacMegasite reports that Hooked In Motion has released the iCollect Movies HD 1.0 app (US$4.99), which lets movie fanatics catalog their Blu-ray, DVD, HD DVD, UMD, VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc collection right on their iPad. While the iPhone version, iCollect Movies Pro ($2.99), can use its camera to...

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Dear Apple: Tear out your optical drives

The only company that can make Apple's products look comparatively ugly is Apple. Take for example the new MacBook Air. Grab one of those babies, put it next to a current MacBook or MacBook Pro, and the bigger notebooks look like monstrosities. Now, I'm sure Apple will start to port many of the i...

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After iLife '11 analysis: Uncertain future for iWeb, no future for iDVD

Yesterday's announcement of iLife '11 brought some cool new features across the suite... well, most of the suite anyway. As many people have noticed, only iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band were updated. iWeb and iDVD got no love besides small code changes that make them compatible with the new iLif...

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iPad adoption rate faster than DVD, says analyst

I first heard about DVDs in late March 1997, sitting in the back seat of a friend's car as her now-husband explained this new video format that had just gone on sale weeks earlier. Having just gotten my VCR, it was pretty hard to fathom picking up another piece of hardware anytime soon. Within th...

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SlipCover helps make case icons for your media

Here's a cool app we haven't mentioned yet here on TUAW -- SlipCover is an app that will help you put together some beautiful icons for your Mac's media files, from DVDs to video games or anything else that needs a cool looking icon. The app itself revolves around "case" files, which are basically ...

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Snaptell for iPhone goes 2.0

One of my favorite apps in the early days of the App Store, SnapTell Explorer, has recently updated to version 2.0, and while they've dropped the "Explorer" part and were purchased by Amazon earlier this year, the app still offers the same impressive functionality: take a shot of a book, DVD, or alb...

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Backup or copy your iDVD home movies

If you've ever used iDVD to burn your own home movies then chances are pretty good that you've had a family member request a copy. And since your iDVDs are yours to share and duplicate, then you are more than happy to pull up the project and whip out another copy. Lo and behold, as fate would hav...

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Ask TUAW: More migration, expanding Apple's Dictionary, syncing iPhone notes, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column! This time we've got more questions on migrating user data when upgrading to Snow Leopard, expanding Apple's built-in Dictionary application, accessing iPhone notes without, and more. As always, your suggestions and que...

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Mac 101: How to check the speed of your CD/DVD burner

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice users. Every so often, stumbling around the Mac OS you find something clever and wish everyone knew it. As I was about to do a CD burn on my internal optical drive on my Mac Pro, I was wondering how fast that Apple stock drive was. Yes, I could have checke...

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