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DevJuice: Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

The OS X Forage (US$9.99) app provides a simple query and editing interface for SQLite databases. This app targets developers who use pre-built databases for iOS, OS X and Web deployment. It enables them to test and refine queries as well as to edit table data, and do so outside of the command lin...

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iWeb 1.1 can handle multiple site databases

I was pretty darn happy with iWeb's update the other day, and good news of feature  enhancements is still cropping up. Comments on my review of iWeb's new features pointed out such handy additions as a pop-up calendar when clicking on a blog post's date - great for adjusting its schedule. There...

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MySQL and OS X, a happy couple

The Apple Developer Connection has just posted a nice article about MySQL (the famed open source database) and OS X, calling it an 'ideal development combination.' The article reveals that some of the developers at MySQL AB (that's the commercial company that makes MySQL) program in XCode, for a num...

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TUAW Tip: visit your Library

This tip could definitely be classified as rudimentary to some, but I thought it would be handy to shed some light on a folder in the Home directory that is rarely opened by many users: the Library. For those who sometimes wonder things such as where Safari stores your bookmarks or where Mail.app ke...

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