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Daylight saving public service announcement: Don't count on your iPhone alarm this weekend

You never know, this year the Daylight Saving Time switch might work out differently -- but why take the chance? Over the years, Apple's iOS platform has run into a few hurdles when it comes to handling the semiannual clock shift forwards (in springtime) or backwards an hour (in the autumn). From wa...

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iOS 7 calendar display bug for end of DST hits USA

As we reported last week when the UK clocks fell back, there's a quirk in the iOS calendar display routines that's evident on the first day after the switch from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time. Although alarms and reminders trigger as they should (on the new schedule), the "red line" cur...

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iOS users jump time zones during DST switch

Ah, the pleasures of Daylight Saving Time. The semi-annual clock shift (known as "Summer Time" in the UK and Europe) saves energy on lighting and heating and aligns daylight hours with the times most people are active; unfortunately, the actual change leads to frayed sleep, a brief spike in traffic...

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Attention US iPhone users: use a standby alarm clock for now

If you live in the United States, you're probably already aware that the nation is set to switch to Standard Time on November 7, moving clocks one hour back. What you may not be aware of is that if you're using an iPhone or other iOS device as your primary alarm clock, it might not make the switch ...

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iOS Daylight Saving Time bug hits Europe (and the US too?)

Update: Some of our commenters are reporting that they're also seeing hour-early alarms in parts of North America. It's not yet clear if this is widespread or idiosyncratic, and if all 4.x devices are affected. Update #2: Engadget points out that alarms set never to repeat, or set to repeat every d...

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Daylight Saving Time last-minute reminder

Here at TUAW we're all about the public service. Really. We would hate for you to be late for brunch on Sunday, so once again let us remind you that Daylight Saving Time starts in most of the US & Canada this weekend. This year, thanks to regulatory changes, the one-hour shift starts three weeks...

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