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Wil Shipley appears in Penny Arcade

Wil Shipley, he of the Delicious Generation's namesake, appears in yesterday's Penny Arcade comic, as a guy hopefully waiting in the iPhone line. (Little does he know that they'll have plenty there even after he makes his way to the front.) The appearance came out of last year's Child's Play auction...

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Video: Inside Delicious Generation

Here's a distillation of demos seen at Delicious Generation. This time we're trying something a little different and using Viddler, a service that will reportedly allow you to interactively bash the quality of the video as it plays (no need to mention the interlacing, we see it). Oh, you can leav...

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Leopard's Core Animation to herald more than shiny tricks

Steve Jobs demoed some exciting features last year that are coming in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, but one of the most fundamentally cool that might have been overlooked is Core Animation. While it certainly isn't quite a feature that us end users can directly click on and use, it is an entirely new se...

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WWDC Party: The Delicious Generation

Those crazy kids behind MacHeist and My Dream App are at it again, this time bringing you a night of drinks, demos, and developers. The Delicious Generation party will feature live demos of upcoming software from prominent Mac developers including Austin Sarner of AppZapper and the Pixelmator team. ...

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