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Delivery Status widget lets you track packages from your Dashboard

Some of us get a lot of packages. Whether you do a lot of shopping via Amazon, have a thing for Zappos shoes, or are just waiting for the goodies you won in a TUAW giveaway to show up, it's often nice to know where those packages are and when they're going to get to you. A nicely done Dashboard...

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Delivery Status touch: obsessive package tracking on the move

For fans of the Delivery Status Dashboard widget (and we are), the wait is over: Delivery Status touch is now available in the App Store for all your mobile package-tracking needs. It replicates the functionality and outstanding design of the original widget, and author Mike Piontek has made getting...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3.6 remembers tracking numbers, gets even easier to use

Mike Piontek can't stop making his phenomenal Delivery Status Dashboard widget cooler. As if features like compatibility with a zillion shipping services and Growl notifications aren't cool enough, a couple of recent updates have brought some handy performance enhancements and compatibility with ...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3 now does Growl notifications

Mike Pointek has updated his rockin' Delivery Status widget with Growl notifications, making it pretty much the most feature-packed, well-designed and useful shipping widgets that has ever graced this blogger's Dashboard. In addition to now being able to notify you of changes in your package's st...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status

I am on my Mac for about 80% of my waking day, and I drift to sleep thinking of cool things I could do with my Mac. That means that I purchase many things online. It is convenient and usually cheaper, but you do have to wait for the package to show up. Enter Delivery Status, a very cool widget from ...

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