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Video: A hands on demo with Apple Watch

The release of the Apple Watch is still off in the distance, but excitement has been building for the product since it was announced. Despite all this excitement most of the footage we've seen of the device has been in controlled videos from Apple. Given how easy it is to make a demo video for your...

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Play around with iOS 7 in your browser (Updated)

OK, so you're not an iOS developer and you're not particularly interested in possibly borking your one and only iPhone, but you'd still like to try out some of the features of iOS 7. Well, the folks at Recombu have created an "Interactive iOS 7 Demo" that you can play with and fantasize about that...

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Multi-iPad table moves from concept to reality

Here's an item that would spice up any living room -- although it might be a budget-buster. The iPad table, a project of the Universal Mind interactive agency in Grand Rapids, links 15 iPads together to create one synchronized display. The co-creator of the iPad table, Joe Johnston (who put i...

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Nvidia's Quadro K5000 GPU coming to a Mac Pro near you, and it's fast

Graphics card maker Nvidia has announced that its brand new Quadro K5000 GPU will be available inside of Apple's Mac Pro computers, and Engadget recently got a chance to see the new cards in action. The cards will offer 4 GB of graphics memory and some superfast performance, and will be able to...

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Apple shows off iCloud integration in Mountain Lion

Tim Cook is currently demoing iCloud's integration in Mountain Lion onstage at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco. iCloud, Apple's cloud sync service, has been a big hit on iOS already, with 125 million iCloud users registered and using the service currently. On Mountain Lion, iCloud will come...

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Apple updates T & C, includes terms for demo licensing

Today, along with the update of iTunes, there was a really interesting update to the Terms and Conditions. You can check out the entire set of terms if you like, but here's the good bit: Certain paid In App Subscriptions may offer a free trial period prior to charging your Account. If you decide y...

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Preview of Bartleby Vol. 2 iPad app shows possibility of future AirPlay integration

We covered Monster Costume's interactive children's book Bartleby in 2010, and multiple TUAW reviewers found it to be a charming and well-crafted iPad app. Monster Costume is hard at work on Bartleby Volume 2, and even though I don't have kids of my own and am about 25 years beyond the target a...

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Video App Demo: Nexercise

Nexercise has the noble aim of getting you more active. To do that, it offers rewards. Not just leaderboards and social rewards, but actual rewards in the form of discounts and things like Amazon gift cards. Sounds cool, doesn't it? We met up with the high-energy and very pleasant CEO of Nexercis...

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Video App Demo: Agenda Calendar

Agenda Calendar is a gesture-based calendar app for your iPhone or iPod touch (our review here). Agenda features a very minimal interface, presenting your data in a simple, straightforward manner with a few animations here and there. There is some intelligence built in as well, giving you links t...

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Video App Demo: Tango Remote

We've taken a look at Tango Remote before, and I've always thought it was functionality that Apple should have included in iOS to begin with. Tango Remote allows you to remotely control the music on one iOS device from another iOS device. This way you could plug in your iPod touch to a stereo, bu...

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Video App Demo: Leatherbound

Leatherbound is a cool, free app (iPhone and iPad) for finding the price and availability of e-books. It's meant to keep you from searching for just the book you're looking for among the mountains of Kindle, Nook and iBook offerings. Once you find a title, give it a tap to compare its listing on t...

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Video App Demo: Meeting Spot

We spoke to Nilay Patel of Selligy at WWDC, and he was kind enough to show us Meeting Spot, an app for visitors in San Francisco attending events near Moscone Center. Selligy's backend technology sounds promising, as it goes beyond mere location-based data or simple keyword matches, and tries t...

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Found Footage: Rage for iOS running in WebGL

The video on the next page shows a pretty mean feat of coding. Developer Brandon Jones has taken files from the iOS version of id's Rage game, which came out for iOS a little while ago, and tweaked them to display in WebGL, a library for JavaScript that can generate 3D graphics in a compatible ...

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Adobe Nav for iPad and Photoshop video demo

John Nack, Principal Product Manager at Adobe, posted a video demo of Adobe Nav for iPad on his blog Saturday morning. Adobe Nav is one of the first apps to showcase the new tablet integration features included with the software maker's upcoming Creative Suite version 5.5 (CS5.5). The video dem...

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Adobe adds three Photoshop-centric iPad apps to lineup

Adobe plans to demonstrate three iPad apps designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Adobe CS 5.5 update. Rather than representing a standalone implementation of Photoshop running on the iPad (as demoed earlier this month), these apps are more like enhancements to the existing toolsets...

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