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Apple is worth more than all of these things

With Apple (AAPL) having a market cap of roughly US$387 billion, it becomes the most valuable company in the US. Matter of fact, it currently has a $30 billion lead over the next most valuable company, Exxon Mobil (XOM). However, market caps are boring. What's fun is to look at how much Apple i...

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iPad 2 launches internationally tomorrow, we check the prices

Despite frantic rumors to the contrary over the past two weeks, the iPad 2 will be launching tomorrow (March 25) in 25 other countries around the world. From the European continent to Australia, the UK to New Zealand. If you happen to be from the future and today is already March 25, the online...

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iPad officially debuts in Nordic countries tomorrow

The iPad continues its march towards world domination. A number of TUAW readers and the Swedish Apple site Alltommac.se are reporting that the iPad will finally make it to authorized Apple resellers in Sweden tomorrow. It also appears that iPads will be warming hearts throughout the Nordic countrie...

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Apple TV ready to launch in Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium

9to5 Mac speculates that the second generation Apple TV is set to launch in Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium tomorrow morning. Last night, the night before the second gen Apple TV went on sale in Italy and Switzerland today, anyone who clicked on the original Apple TV ...

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No Comment: Denmark's Parliament members get free iPhones

It's true that the iPhone was previously banned from the floor of the Danish Folketing (Parliament) by its President Thor Pedersen. This was at least partially due to Member of Parliament Sophie Haestorp Andersen updating her Facebook page 59 times during a prolonged debate -- certainly more than is...

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GDC 2010: From concept to Top Paid with Unity iPhone

Unity Technologies hosted the sponsored lunch panel during GDC 2010 today, and their "product evangelist" Tom Higgins gave a quick rundown of the software platform that enables developers to assemble and release games extremely quickly on multiple platforms. The company was actually founded in D...

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Sweden jumps on anti-iTMS DRM bandwagon

It sounds like those DefectiveByDesign guys were simply in the wrong place, but at the right time: Sweden has joined forces with Denmark and Norway to add fuel to the fire of pressuring Apple into opening up its FairPlay iTMS DRM system. A quote from a Swedish Consumer Agency spokeswoman dubs the i...

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