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Designers react to iOS 7

Yesterday's announcement of iOS 7 brought a number of responses -- many negative, some positive -- about the new look and feel of the mobile operating system. Om Malik of GigaOM decided to gauge reaction to the changes that are coming this fall by asking his Twitter friends. The negative side of ...

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Tilt to Live getting a sequel and it's Redonkulous

One Man Left Studios is most recently known for its great social Outwitters title, but of course the two-man developer team (made up of Alex Okafor and Adam Stewart) is best known for the popular Tilt to Live, a relatively early iOS hit. And now the team is going back to its history, and starti...

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Steve Jobs and the "rubber band" patent

There's a lot of patent throwdowns going on in the tech industry lately, and it's very easy to see them as just a battle of titans, of huge corporations going up against each other for assets and portfolios of arbitrary "features." But here's a story that reminds you of the human side of all of...

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Jony Ive says Apple's current work is "most important"

Earlier today, Jonathan Ive was officially knighted at Buckingham Palace. To mark this occasion, Shane Richmond of The Telegraph published an excellent interview with the Apple design chief. In the long and personal conversation, Ive talks about his early design influences, which are decidedly ...

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London Evening Standard interviews Jony Ive

The London Evening Standard interviewed famed Apple designer Jonathan Ive. As the man credited with the industrial design of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Ive's name is well-known, but his face is not as public as CEO Tim Cook or Phil Schiller. This exclusive interview paints a personal picture of Ive...

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Google+ design credited to original Macintosh team member Andy Hertzfeld

You may have heard about Google+, the hot new sharing product from Google that went official today, and it sounds cool (sounds cool, but remember how cool Wave and Buzz sounded? Let's just say we're reserving excitement so far). But one exciting thing about the new project is how cool and smo...

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Cool custom-made iOS device stand

Design student Andrew Kim has produced the very cool Polyply to avoid having all his iOS devices strewn around his desktop like so many expensive paperweights. Made from acrylate polymer (acrylic plastic), birch plywood and birch, it has cutouts for his iPad, iPod touch Classic, iPhone and ...

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Noby Noby Boy out now on iPhone, and it's awesome

Keita Takahashi is a strange guy. He's most known for delivering the brilliant Katamari Damacy to us on the Playstation 2, a game in which you rolled around a ball that stuck to everything in the world, growing bigger and bigger as more and more stuff collected on it. But after that early success, ...

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Need a Mac or iPhone developer? TUAW job boards are here!

Notice anything new at TUAW? We've had our job boards up for a week now, making sure all the tape would stick when new jobs were posted, and I'm proud to say that the doors are wide open for job seekers and for those looking to fill positions. We've got a button up top that'll take you straight to ...

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Ralph Lauren launches Make Your Own Rugby app

During the existence of the iPhone, shopping has always been the domain of Safari. Browsing web-based stores could be extremely awkward, thanks to bitty drop-down menus and inadvertent "quick views" of garments that you can't seem to click out of. No longer, my fellow clotheshorses. Today, Ralph Lau...

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Rob Janoff and how he made the Apple logo

ZLOK has re-posted an article (originally meant for the defunct Sync Magazine) about Rob Janoff, a designer who's credited with coming up with the iconic-as-they-come Apple logo. It's actually a really short piece, but he does talk pretty candidly about where he got the idea: by buying a bag of appl...

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Apple designer receives honours

British born Jonathan Ive, designer of the iMac and iPod, became a Commander in The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire today. According to a Macworld article, Ive received this honor at the Queen's New Year Honours ceremony. Ive was recently promoted to senior vice president of Industrial De...

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Taco HTML v1.7.2 is Universal

If Dreamweaver is a bit overkill for some web work on your desk, Taco HTML might just be the editor for you. It's a small yet feature-packed web editor with tag coloring, HTML preview, syntax checking, code snippets and more. It's my favorite editor for HTML pages or tweaking a WordPress PHP page f...

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