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Big Developer News: Mac Dev Program reduced to $99

After a many-hours outage, the Apple developer site is back -- and the changes are profound, at least on the Mac end of things. On the iPhone side, users are required to update their profiles, take a rather obnoxious survey and agree to new terms [Developer credentials required for link]. Unf...

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iPhone dev program acceptance rate: 16%

As Steve Jobs opened up the keynote on Monday, he threw out a few numbers which, frankly, went by me without really clicking until today. At 10:10, my live blog reads as such: 10:10. 25,000 applied to dev program. 4,000 admitted. 35% of the Fortune 500 has participated in the program. Working with C...

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iPhone dev program opened worldwide? First report!

I don't know if this is going to pan out or not, but TUAW reader Skaro (exterminate!) reports that he's been accepted into the iPhone developer program. Not a big deal until you realize that he lives in the UK and paid up his £59 fees. If true, this is huge. Many important 3rd party Apple d...

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First iPhone Developer acceptances confirmed

TUAW has finally been able to confirm actual acceptances into the $99 iPhone developer program. This is what we have been able to learn: The accepted developers were apparently among the first to apply. Rather than wait for the SDK to download, many of the developers applied as soon as they saw th...

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