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iOS 8's privacy notification not sitting well with some developers

Along with the more headline-grabbing feature additions to iOS 8, Apple tweaked a few smaller items such as the way users are alerted to each app's use of location data. That change isn't going over well with some developers who feel that the alerts can create anxiety and shake the trust of the us...

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Game developers praise iOS, not put off by multiple screen sizes

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple now has a trio of smartphone screen sizes available for the first time in its history, which means a bit more work for game developers. But in speaking with, many devs made it clear that they are willing to overlook that for the...

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The most common reasons apps get rejected from the App Store

Apple last week posted a new page on its developer website relaying the most common reasons why applications are rejected from the App Store. The list of reasons provided by Apple isn't terribly surprising, and includes obvious strikes such as clunky user interfaces, bugs, broken links, inaccurat...

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Don't worry, Apple has App Store curation under control

Jean-Louis Gassee's suggestion that Apple should abandon its App Store algorithms and rely instead on human curation entirely is well-intentioned, but flawed. It also ignores the tremendous amount of curation that already exists on the App Store today. Gassee writes in part: Instead of using al...

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Making a case for App Store curation

With over 1.2 million applications to choose from, it's hard to dispute that the App Store suffers from a discoverability problem. The degree to which the problem needs urgent addressing from Apple, however, remains an ongoing debate amongst developers and tech observers. Yesterday, former Apple ...

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Apple's changes to app signing could leave some apps blocked by Gatekeeper (Updated)

Heads up for developers: you'll want to take a close look at the changes that have been introduced in the latest Mavericks and Yosemite developers previews. According to prerelease notes for OS X 10.9.5 and Yosemite Developer Preview 5, changes are coming to signed apps. Some developers will have ...

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The plight of the Indie iOS developer: Is the App Store broken or is this much ado about nothing?

Instapaper and Overcast developer Marco Arment recently penned a blogpost arguing that Apple needs to do a whole lot more to direct users to higher quality apps. Under the current set up, Arment articulates that the "top lists" on the App Store tend to skew far too often towards low quality apps, ...

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Apple has paid out over $20 billion to developers thus far

Apple's earnings conference call last week gave Tim Cook and newly minted CFO Luca Maestri the opportunity to provide us with more details regarding all facets of the company's business. One of the more interesting tidbits to emerge during the call is the fact that developers on the App Store hav...

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WWDC 2014 session videos available online

Apple's WWDC event has exploded in popularity in recent years, making it extremely difficult for most interested developers to secure tickets. Not to worry, though, because session videos from WWDC 2014 are available for your viewing enjoyment via Apple's developer website. Per usual, the videos ...

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Apple's Secure Coding Guide is an invaluable tool for new and veteran developers alike

If you develop an app, someone is going to try to destroy it. Once upon a time, hackers may have had a reason for trying to destroy your hard work, but these days the only motivation computer outlaws need is a little boredom. Thankfully Apple has released a Secure Coding Guide for developers old a...

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As of February 1, Apple will require all new app submissions to be 'optimized for iOS 7'

Apple on Tuesday posted an announcement on its iOS Developer page stating that as of February 1, all new app submissions, and even app updates, must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5. What's more, all new apps and app updates must be optimized for iOS 7. So if you're a developer beholden ...

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Android still playing catch-up to iOS developer revenue

iOS has long dominated principal rival Android in terms of developer revenue, and according to new figures from Business Insider, that's still the case. The new chart shows that for every US$1 iOS developers make per download, their Android counterparts bring in just 19 cents. The rest of the reve...

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Apple expands iAd workbench to include nine new countries

Apple this past June rolled out iAd Workbench, a service that enables developers to build targeted ad campaigns for their apps while also providing them with tools to easily create ads. Apple describes the service thusly: Reach millions of iOS users with iAd Workbench, the simplest way to creat...

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Daily Update for October 31, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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During the last 4 months, Apple paid out $25 million per day to iOS developers

During yesterday's media event, Tim Cook gave us his typical update on all things App Store. Specifically, Cook informed us that the App Store now houses more than 1 million apps and has seen more than 60 billion downloads. But there's one data point in particular that's worth some extra attention...

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