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The strategies and challenges involved in developing new programming languages such as Swift

WWDC 2014 was unquestionably one of the best Apple events in years. While there were no hardware announcements, developers and Apple enthusiasts at large were treated to a two hour event chock-full of surprises, not the least of which was the introduction of an entirely new programming language ...

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Apple's Swift programming language has been in the works for 4 years

Of the many surprises Apple had in store for us this past Monday, the introduction of an entirely new programming language called Swift was particularly well received by developers. John Gruber's tweet in the wake of the announcement sums things up rather well: Media badge people are silent, ...

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The Sea Monkey app that never was

As a kid I loved Sea Monkeys. As a college student I loved Sea Monkeys. And as an adult, I still have a fondness for the little brine shrimp brought to life from a powdery packet. They are a part of pop culture, appearing in South Park and even having a Saturday morning cartoon ages ago. When the...

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Ridiculous moments in Apple development

In the Apple world, UTI refers to universal type identifiers. It's a hierarchical system that has replaced MIME types and file extensions to describe types of data, whether applications or images, movies or audio. They were first introduced in OS X 10.4 and now are used across both iOS and OS X. U...

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Over half of surveyed developers will require iOS 7 for their apps

Twitterrific developer Craig Hockenberry has posted the results of an interesting survey he performed over on his blog. Hockenberry was deep into the development cycle of getting his apps ready for iOS 7 when he wondered if many other developers out there are doing what he's doing -- that is, drop...

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DevJuice: About that Xcode beta...

A few things you should note about yesterday's Xcode beta release... First, new sizes and naming updates apply to asset catalogs. Here's my latest list of what I believe you need to be building on a per-app basis for icons. No, none of this is documented anywhere. I also believe there were no chan...

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DevJuice: Adding warnings for TODO and FIXME comments

A clever post from deallocatedobjects cropped up on IRC on Friday, and I thought I'd share its wisdom. The post discusses how you can add a custom build phase to automatically show TODO and FIXME comments as warnings in your Xcode 4 (and later) projects. It takes very little work. Select a targ...

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Adventures in Google Cast development: Day 1

Google's developer preview SDK for Google Cast -- the streaming technology that's powering the Chromecast hardware -- is up and running. It looks like adding Google Cast support will be ridiculously easy with little coding overhead for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon. Although the Chrom...

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DevJuice: Embed shell commands in an .app wrapper and other dev command line tricks

The other day, I was chatting with some Mac devs. One of them asked how to set up an App wrapper to run a custom shell script from the desktop. I use a script called appify created by Thomas Aylott and Mathias Bynens. It does little more than create the app bundle folder structure (top

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Report: 90% of iOS apps are free; average cost of an iOS app is 19 cents

In a blog post put together by the mobile analytics firm Flurry, the company takes a look at pricing on the App Store and comes away with some interesting results. By analyzing mobile analytics across 350,000 apps and covering a time frame of four years, Flurry found that the percentage of apps ava...

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DevJuice: Organize code snippets with Code Collector Pro

Code Collector Pro (on sale for US$9.99, normally $19.99) offers a snippet manager for your development needs. I bought myself a copy a few weeks ago, when it suddenly went on sale, and have spent the time since kicking its wheels. I was surprised to find out how much I like it. It offers excellent...

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All WWDC 2013 session videos now on YouTube... and there they go.

Updated: The videos have been removed "due to a copyright claim by Apple, Inc." No surprise there. Seeing as how tickets to this year's WWDC sold out within a matter of minutes, a large number of developers hoping to attend Apple's annual developer conference had no choice but to stay home this yea...

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DevJuice: The easy way to set up an OS X Mavericks test environment

OK, this is going to be a "duh" moment for most Mac developers, but apparently there are some people who are having issues with setting up a test environment in which to run OS X Mavericks. I have to admit that I was one of those who first started asking if anyone was having success running the ...

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App Camp for Girls would introduce girls to coding

The App Camp for Girls is a recently unveiled Indiegogo project that's designed to provide support for young girls interested in putting together iPhone and mobile apps. The camp itself is planned for a run in Portland later this year, and will allow girls to go through all of the steps of putti...

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DevJuice: Spark Inspector offers real time iOS interface inpection

Spark Inspector (US$39.99 single-license) offers an exciting new development tool. Targeting devs looking to refine their user interfaces, it enables you to interactively tweak view properties like frames and layers. The app centers around an Interface Builder-like experience, with familiar-looki...

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