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Tag: Devjuice

DevJuice: A quick review of Effective Objective-C 2.0 by Matt Galloway

London-based Matt Galloway, a regular presence on Stack Overflow, has published Effective Objective-C 2.0. A collection of 52 "specific ways" to improve your coding for Mac and iOS, this book provides a valuable collection of handy state-of-the-art tips that will appeal to all developers both esta...

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DevJuice: StickyJots for iOS developers

StickyJots provide a low-tech way for you to brainstorm iOS app interfaces. Dave Caolo asked me the other day whether we had covered them before and I was pretty sure we had not. These pretty kits start at US$20 for the faux iPhone, $35 for the tablet and $50 for the "everything kit." Sure, they'...

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Dev Juice: Using your tech support incidents

I find it a constant puzzle as to why so relatively few developers take full advantage of technical support incidents. Two incidents are included with your annual developer license. Additional incidents cost just US$50 each, which you buy in two-packs. Using Incidents You'd think that at just $5...

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DevJuice: Third-party MobileDevice framework debuts

It is way early days yet, but the SDMMobileDevice project is now available publicly on github. Meant to provide an open-source, public alternative to Apple's private MobileDevice framework, this OS X project enables you to detect attached iOS devices and communicate with them. With it, you can que...

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DevJuice: Sneak peek at Learning Core Data

Today, I got a sneak peek at a very early version of Tim Roadley's Learning Core Data. Expected to publish late November, this book by the Australia-based iOS developer introduces Core Data for those entirely new to the subject. Like other books in Pearson's "Learning" series, the Core Data volume ...

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DevJuice: Record UIViews with Glimpse

Glimpse offers an open source library from iOS Developer Wess Cope. It enables you to create QuickTime videos from your UIViews. The library records animations and actions, collecting screen shots over time, building a movie from the results. The API consists of two calls: one to start recording, ...

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DevJuice: About that Xcode beta...

A few things you should note about yesterday's Xcode beta release... First, new sizes and naming updates apply to asset catalogs. Here's my latest list of what I believe you need to be building on a per-app basis for icons. No, none of this is documented anywhere. I also believe there were no chan...

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DevJuice: Adding warnings for TODO and FIXME comments

A clever post from deallocatedobjects cropped up on IRC on Friday, and I thought I'd share its wisdom. The post discusses how you can add a custom build phase to automatically show TODO and FIXME comments as warnings in your Xcode 4 (and later) projects. It takes very little work. Select a targ...

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Adventures in Google Cast development: Day 1

Google's developer preview SDK for Google Cast -- the streaming technology that's powering the Chromecast hardware -- is up and running. It looks like adding Google Cast support will be ridiculously easy with little coding overhead for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon. Although the Chrom...

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DevJuice: Embed shell commands in an .app wrapper and other dev command line tricks

The other day, I was chatting with some Mac devs. One of them asked how to set up an App wrapper to run a custom shell script from the desktop. I use a script called appify created by Thomas Aylott and Mathias Bynens. It does little more than create the app bundle folder structure (top

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DevJuice: HockeyCoach introduces crash report inspection and management

If you're a HockeyApp customer, the service that enables you to collect user feedback, distribute betas, and analyze tests, you'll be pleased to learn that the company has just introduced a new app. Just launched, HockeyCoach helps you view and manage your crash reports. With just a few clicks, y...

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DevJuice: Glyphish icon set updated for iOS 7

Glyphish, probably the most popular source for licensed iOS icons, has just been refreshed so you can get ready for iOS 7. Currently bundled at US$75 for Glyphish 3 through 6, this over-the-summer special saves you a cool 25 percent off the normal price. If you're already a Glyphish customer, it'...

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DevJuice: Organize code snippets with Code Collector Pro

Code Collector Pro (on sale for US$9.99, normally $19.99) offers a snippet manager for your development needs. I bought myself a copy a few weeks ago, when it suddenly went on sale, and have spent the time since kicking its wheels. I was surprised to find out how much I like it. It offers excellent...

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DevJuice: Supporting the iPad 1

iOS adoption outpaces every other mobile family out there. As iMore reports, 93 percent of customers have upgraded to iOS 6.x. Just 1 percent remain on older operating systems. So why do developers obsess over iOS 5? The iPad 1. It's the little iOS that can. And does. And keeps doing. Devs con...

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DevJuice: Recovering your UUID after upgrading

Some of our TUAW staff got really excited this week when the iPad beta of iOS 7 finally debuted. So excited, in fact, that they forgot to check if their device was properly registered with their dev account. They installed the beta -- and, as you probably guessed, got stuck. Fortunately, for thos...

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