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Mac 101: Enter directory paths when in open/save dialogs

Last week I told you about easily switching directories (folders) while in an open/save dialog. This was great when you knew where a folder was located in a specific place, and you could drag + drop it on the dialog. But what if you want to type in a directory path (i.e. ~/Desktop)? While in an op...

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Terminal Tips: Stop Safari "saved text" dialogs

We're continuing with Safari hacks for today's Terminal Tip. Have you ever typed text on a web page, but then realized that you want to go to another page without saving your input? However, when you close the window or tab, Safari rudely tells you that you have saved text and if you navigate away, ...

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TUAW Tip: Speed up Sheet animation

I was reading this article from MacDevCenter on how productivity maven Mark Hurst sets up a new "Good Easy Mac" for his own maximally productive use. He's got a number of interesting choices (check them out for yourself), but one of the coolest tips was a link to a MacOSXhints hint that describes h...

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