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Tag: DigiTimes

Rumor Roundup, Episode 12: Revenge of DigiTimes

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, the rumor blogs slithered forth with twin, unkillable horrors: the iPad mini and... and... DigiTimes (cue lightning and horror film musical sting). Before we dive deep into the muck and mire, let's get the handful of semi-credible rum...

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Rumor Roundup, Episode 4: 'Sometimes reliable' DigiTimes (Updated)

See Editor's Note at the bottom of this post. This past week saw appearances from all the usual suspects populating the Apple rumor mill: So-called "analysts" claiming to be able to predict Apple's fortunes a full three years in the future. Booming proclamations from sites claiming to have in...

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8 GB iPad 2 headed to enterprises? Why this makes no sense

When DigiTimes reports Apple rumors, I usually ignore them. Today's rumor that Apple will produce a cheaper 8 GB iPad 2 aimed at enterprise usage was just too silly to ignore. According to DigiTimes, "In addition to iPad 3, Apple is also expected to unveil an 8GB iPad 2, allowing the tablet P...

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Could DigiTimes rumors affect holiday iPad 2 sales?

Do rumors about Apple products affect your buying habits? Tim Cook thinks so, and so do analysts. A report from Philip Elmer DeWitt of Fortune looks closely at this issue and asks whether the recent iPad 3 rumors from Digitimes will hurt Apple's quarterly iPad 2 sales. He points to remarks Ti...

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Catcher hopes to have MacBook Air plant working by November

A supplier of MacBook Air aluminum casings, Catcher Technology, recently had to shut down a plant in Eastern China following complaints by neighbors of "strange odors" emanating from the facility. While this could have been a concern for a critical part of the supply chain for one of Apple's mo...

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Report highlights iPhone 4S design changes

If you think the new iPhone 4S is just the same old iPhone a report in DigiTimes may have you thinking again. The publication quotes an IHS analysis which looks at some key under-the-hood changes in the new iPhone beyond the obvious faster processor, antenna redesign and addition of the Siri so...

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Apple reportedly moves iPad battery orders from Simplo to Dynapack

Digitimes is reporting that due to defective Lithium-polymer battery packs in some iPad 2s, Apple has shifted some orders for the battery packs from Simplo Technology to another producer, Dynapack International Technology. The defective batteries may have leakage problems. Digitimes notes tha...

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"Apple Shock" and its effect on the IT industry

It's well known in the Wintel PC industry that Apple has been kicking butt and taking names. Starting last year, Apple's iPad and second-generation MacBook Air started doing some serious damage to many of its competitors. Digitimes Research senior analyst Joanne Chien has a name for this -- App...

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Apple to boost iPhone orders to 56 million for second half of 2011

Apple may be expecting a banner second half of the year for the iPhone. According to a report by Digitimes, Apple has boosted its orders for iPhone models from 50 million to 56 million units with the iPhone 5 accounting for almost half of this order. The bulk of the iPhone 5 orders will be ship...

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iPad display quality issues reportedly prompt Apple to cut LG supplies

According to Digitimes, LG is struggling to supply Apple with much-needed 9.7-inch panels for its iPad 2 tablet. The Korean company failed to meet its production goal by one millon units in July due to quality concern issues. As early as May, rumors suggested LG panels suffered from a light lea...

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Apple could ship up to 15 million MacBook Air and Pro units in 2011

While the PC industry struggles, Apple is holding strong with its sales of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. According to supply chain estimates, Apple received shipments of 400,000 to 500,000 MacBook Air units in June. This number is expected to hold steady during July and August now that a new...

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iPad 2 shipping times all under one week

All of you who have been waiting since March to buy an iPad 2 can now pull out your credit card and make your order. For the first time since the wildly successful tablet began shipping, supply is meeting demand, and shipping times are now under one week. During the first month of sales, ship...

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Parts suppliers reportedly prep for iPhone 5, iPad 3 assembly

Digitimes is reporting that the suppliers for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are gearing up to provide components for the next iterations of both of those devices. That in and of itself isn't really surprising -- of course Apple is working on new iterations of all of its devices. But what is interesti...

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Apple's supply demands could affect Amazon tablet production

According to Digitimes, Amazon is shopping around for manufacturers to supply touchscreen panels for its rumored upcoming tablet. The retail giant has supposedly approached TPK Holdings, Wintek, HannStarr Display and J Touch. Two of the four manufacturers, TPK Holdings and Wintek, currently sup...

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Apple's lithium-polymer battery purchases hindering other manufacturers

Apple supposedly has a lock on the touch panel market, and now it seems the Cupertino company is doing the same thing in the Lithium-polymer battery market. According to Digitimes, Apple has bought up most of the available supply of Lithium-polymer batteries used in notebook computers and mobil...

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