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Digital Music Vendor Showdown

Wired has a good article up about the various digital music vendors: Urge, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic and iTunes. They compare and rate the services. In the end, they chose iTunes as their editor's pick, pointing out that although iTunes has no subscription plan at this time, its combination of easy...

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Napster is now free... kinda

The big news of the day regarding your local digital music purveyor is that Napster has announced that it is now free. Sort of. After you register for an account you can listen to any of their 2 million tracks (in their entirety) five times, the sixth time you are prompted to either buy the track o...

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Napster points finger at Microsoft for iTunes market share

Napster's CEO, Chris Gorog, has pointed a finger at Microsoft for the dominance of the iTunes iPod combination in the digital music market. The frustrated CEO is upset with Microsoft's DRM technology and its relationship with hardware manufacturers, commenting on what many feel is the root of iPod ...

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