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Tag: Discounts

Apple offers $100 gift card and $200 discount in annual back-to-school promotion

Apple is a creature of habit, and one of those habits is launching a stellar back-to-school sale every year right around this time. So, not to disappoint the droves of college students preparing to march back into the halls of educational institutions around the globe, Apple's student discounts ar...

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Back to school: Apple offers $200 college discount for Macs, $50 gift card for iOS devices

A reminder of what we reported when it launched on July 2: Apple is hoping to attract computerless college students towards its wares by offering discounts and extras on computers and mobile devices. There are a number of different programs you can qualify for if you're a student (or parent of a s...

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Walmart offering iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, iPad for $399

If you're planning on picking up some Apple goodies for your loved ones this holiday season but haven't yet done so, Walmart may be your new best friend. As 9to5Mac reports, the retail chain is offering some pretty hefty in-store discounts on several brand new gadgets starting today. The full list...

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Apple discounts Macs, iPads and more on Black Friday

Apple kicked off its Black Friday sale today with discounts on iPads, iPods, Macs and accessories. The retailer is offering the following deals: iPad with Retina display for US$468 (Save $41) iPad 2 for $368 (Save $31) iPod nano for $138 (Save $11) iPod touch fifth generation f...

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Apple Store down to make way for Black Friday discounts

The gray box awaits you, weary turkey eater. The Apple Store is down for its annual discount refresh, and the expectations (as usual) are for modest reductions on popular products. You can get a sense of what's in store by checking out the Aussie version of the holiday price cuts, which have be...

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Apple introduces VIP discounts for iBooks publishers

Some sharp eyes have once again discovered something new and cool in Apple-land. Apple appears to be offering rather hefty discounts to some (possibly all) iBooks publishers as part of a new iTunes VIP program. Information is still developing on this front. Made available through iTunes Conne...

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App Store holiday sales on now: GTA 3, id software, Dungeon Raid, lots more

The App Store freeze goes down today, so this is the last chance for many developers to put their apps on sale. And of course, many have taken advantage of that chance. Before we even start listing sales today, many of the sales previously listed, including EA and Gameloft's whole-catalog ...

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EA premieres a Daily Deals page for the holidays, and other ways to find cheap apps

So now that we're rolling into December, we're about to enter into the biggest season of the year for both app buying and app sales. Right before Christmas, Apple will "freeze" the App Store, which means listings won't get updated, and developers won't be able to change prices or release new ap...

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Daily Deals for December 9, 2010

Deals and more deals: here's today's installment of the Daily Deals, courtesy of our friends at Highlights include a $10 discount on Logmein Ignition for iPad and savings on iPad refurbished units. Enjoy! iTunes Music Store: iPhone App Store Freebies: Ace Sniper, Rogue Runner, Heigh...

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Educational institutions: Get your discounted iPad 10-pack

MacRumors reports that Apple has begun offering iPad 10-packs to educational institutions at discounted rates. The discounts are relatively minor: $20 off of each iPad in a set of 10, or $40 off per iPad if they are ordered with AppleCare. The iPad 10-packs are shipped in a single box, which elimin...

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Macworld 2010: Pre-show deals

If you are joining us at Macworld this week, you know that deals abound on the show floor -- every company usually has some sort of show discount or sale going on. And sometimes, even if you're not here at the show, you can still take advantage of the sales back at home. Here's a few we've seen eve...

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Apple Black Friday deals hit the Australian store

Put aside, for the moment, the incongruity of non-US stores featuring discounts for the day after a US-only holiday... just roll with it, OK? Apple's online store for Australia -- where, of course, it's already Black Friday -- has got the one-day discount page posted and ready to go. The pricing ...

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Apple giving huge discounts on Black Friday? No way!

The boy geniuses over at Boy Genius Report are getting a lot of hits out of a story they ran late yesterday. Apparently, one of their contacts tipped them to a "shot of Apple's yearly Black Friday deals" that is "reported to be something Apple will email out shortly." The email (seen at right, paste...

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Save a little on your existing AT&T iPhone plan

Update: It appears that this post describes a sponsorship discount (business/school/etc). Those users get a percentage off of their monthly plan ($29.99 voice plan and iPhone data charge excluded). Those who do not see this as an option lack the corporate discount; those who do are seeing what the...

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Discounts, doorbusters, and more: TUAW sampler of holiday savings

Just because Apple aficionados have historically been willing to pay a modest premium for the world's best computers, music players and cellphones, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the occasional bargain as much as their Windows-using, Zune-toting, Blackberry-typing brethren. In the spirit of hea...

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