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Apple adds Sharp 4K monitor to EU Apple Online Store, then yanks it

For a short time over the weekend, it was possible to purchase a 32-inch Sharp 4K LED monitor via the Apple Online Store in various EU territories, but it has since been removed across the board. The massive display was priced at £3,499.00, which is roughly in line with the product's price e...

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Apple Stores create beautiful iPhone 5c-themed window display

If you've been to an Apple Store lately, chances are good that you've seen the incredible window display that was created for the iPhone 5c introduction in September. It's a series of one-inch plastic balls in the five bright iPhone 5c colors, strung on nylon strings to create three-dimensional re...

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Mavericks is breaking multi-display setups for some

OS X Mavericks sports a number of bullet points meant to improve usability for multi-display setups, but it seems that while adding a menu bar to every screen has worked swimmingly, users with monitors that rely on DisplayLink technology have been swimming in nothing but frustration. DisplayLink m...

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Apple uses this machine to calibrate in-store iPhone display replacement

Earlier this week, we told you that Apple has begun repairing iPhone displays in its retail stores for US$149 each. The iPhone is obviously nothing without its display. Replacement must be done accurately and the display has to be calibrated perfectly in order for things to look just right. Apple'...

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Kensington USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter adds video options to your Mac (giveaway!)

Have a need to attach more monitors to your USB 3.0-equipped Mac, but don't want to use a Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, or HDMI port? Kensington may have just the thing for you -- the Universal Multi-Display Adapter (US$79.99 MSRP), AKA the USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter. We previewed this devic...

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Matrox DualHead2go adapter broadens your monitor horizons

If your widescreen ambitions can't be contained by a mere 1920x1080 HD screenscape, the fine folks at Matrox have a solution for you. The DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition display adapter, priced around US$160, is built and marketed specifically for the Thunderbolt and DisplayPort-enabled Mac models...

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MMT offers a mobile monitor for your Mac or iPad

This is the first Macworld for MMT, Mobile Monitor Technologies, and the company is offering a slightly different twist on portable USB monitors. Each is wrapped in brushed aluminum, and each has a nice build quality with what appears to be an outstanding screen. But there's a model with a nume...

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Apple patent shows a way for iPhone to auto-adjust brightness based on on-screen content

For smartphone designers, extending battery life on the devices is a complex dance of sharing a limited amount of milliampere-hours between the cellular radio, the device's display and the processors that are converting digital bits into viewable content. Apple has been awarded a patent for a "...

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Thunderbolt Display shortage could point to impending refresh

Here's some potentially good news for those who've been hoping for a redesign of Apple's Thunderbolt Display - but not for folks who're trying to get their mitts on the current model. Apple Insider reports that retails including Amazon, J&R and MacMall are all out of stock of the 27-inch di...

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Multi-iPad table moves from concept to reality

Here's an item that would spice up any living room -- although it might be a budget-buster. The iPad table, a project of the Universal Mind interactive agency in Grand Rapids, links 15 iPads together to create one synchronized display. The co-creator of the iPad table, Joe Johnston (who put i...

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Samsung may be getting out of display supplier deal with Apple next year

A report in the Korea Times suggests Samsung will sever its contract with Apple and will no longer supply LCD panels to the Cupertino company, starting in 2013. An unnamed senior industry source told the newspaper that the company is not making enough money off the panels that it is selling to ...

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Microsoft: Surface display superior to iPad display

The iPad 3 is known for its gorgeous, high-resolution Retina display, but it is not the best tablet display, said a Microsoft engineer during a Reddit IAmA event on Tuesday. Though its display is a lower resolution, Microsoft claims the screen on its upcoming Surface tablet is even better than th...

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Comparing the iPhone 4/5 displays under a stereomicroscope

Scientist Bryan Jones of the University of Utah wanted to know if the iPhone 5 display really was better than the already-impressive iPhone 4 Retina display. Being a retinal neuroscientist and a photographer, he had access to a Canon 1D Mk III DSLR and a stereomicroscope that let him examine th...

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Apple announces iPhone 5-compatible updates for iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote and more

At its press event today, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 with a 4-inch, Retina display. For customers, the larger screen means there's extra room for apps to display their content. The most noticeable difference will be the homescreen, which will now display five rows of icons. This extra s...

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Los Angeles' first Mobile Arts Festival shows off photography and art created on iOS devices

Last Saturday I stopped by the first ever Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival right near where I live in Santa Monica, and took a look at some art and photography created exclusively on mobile devices. Nathaniel Park and his fiance Daria Polichetti put the festival together -- they are also the fo...

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