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Rovio teams up with Sony for the Angry Birds movie, coming July 2016

Rovio has announced, via tweet and then by news release, that it has lined up a deal and a date with Sony Pictures to distribute the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Rovio's been working on putting the frustrated fowl into a motion picture for a while, but this announcement makes it more or less a do...

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TestFlight hits 300,000 iOS apps uploaded, going Android compatible

I've used the TestFlight digital testing and distribution system for mobile apps a few times, both as an end-user (when companies want to send me their apps to try out), and as a developer (when I've passed an app I'm working on to someone else for testing). Apple's app distribution and provisi...

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Apple's place in the next generation of gaming

Sony is holding an event this Wednesday in New York, where the company is expected to announce the next version of its popular PlayStation console, essentially kicking off the next generation of video gaming (Nintendo actually did this last year with the launch of its Wii U console, but sales o...

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Apple halves number of licensed distributors in China

The opening of two new Apple Stores, one in Shenzhen this last weekend and the Wangfujing store in Beijing in late October, is a sure sign of Apple's strengthening control of its distribution channels in China. Now Patently Apple is reporting that the company has reduced the number of licensed ...

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Apple to create 500 jobs in Cork, Ireland

Apple announced today that it will expand its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. "Apple has been in Cork for over 30 years and we are thrilled to be expanding our presence there," an Apple spokesman told the Irish Times. "Our plans will add over 500 new jobs to support our growing business across Eur...

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Exploring Apple's supply chain secrets

One of the unsung heroes in the success of Apple over the past ten years or so has been the ability for the company to take control of manufacturing, procurement, and logistics of its products in ways that are completely innovative. In a Bloomberg Businessweek post yesterday, writers Adam Satar...

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Distributing iTunes LPs without iTunes

Within days of the iTunes 9 and iTunes LP announcement, people had already thoroughly hacked apart the iTunes LP format only to discover it was just a clever combination of images, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Because any web developer could create an iTunes LP, it seemed strange that indie labels were...

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Dev Corner: Signing iPhone apps for informal distribution

At times, iPhone developers might like to test out applications without going through the formality (or challenges) of ad hoc distribution. Ad hoc distribution was introduced by Apple to allow software testing on up to 100 registered devices. It is, admittedly, a bit of a pain. Developers must co...

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Podcaster dev can't provision any more licenses

Developer Alex Sokirynsky wrote a blog post this morning saying Apple rescinded his authority to provision new ad-hoc licenses for his software, Podcaster. The blog post has since been removed, possibly because it violated his developer NDA. Sokirynsky believes that the licenses already provisioned...

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PinchMedia: Most iPhone apps less than five bucks

About 70 percent of the apps available today through the App Store are either free or less than $5, according to an analysis of 552 applications performed by PinchMedia. Of the 552 total, they counted 135 free apps. Apps for sale ranged in price from 99 cents to $69.99. The most common price points...

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iTunes UK pwns competition for artist pay

Pretend you're a struggling musician. How much money would you rather take home for each track sold? £0.70 or £0.005? Not even a close contest, is it? Jacqui Cheng of Infinite Loop writes about a huge disparity between UK music services. iTunes just totally pwns the competition when it ...

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Secrets of the iTunes home page

If you visit the iTunes store on a regular basis, you'll know that the iTunes home page is jam packed with shiny happy banners. These ads highlight just a few dozen of the songs, albums, TV shows, and movies available to iTunes shoppers. And to have a product blessed by front-page placement is pract...

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Sony video downloads to challenge iTunes?

Online video sales may take in about a third of a billion dollars this year. Sony wants in on the action. According to today's Financial Times, Sony is making plans to enter the video download market, specifically to provide content for its existing 20 million plus PSP installed base. Amazon's mov...

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