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TUAW video tip: Enabling and configuring Do Not Disturb in OS X Mavericks

Way back in October of 2013, when iOS 7 was still fresh in our minds and discovery of new features was a joy, TUAW presented a video tip on how to use Do Not Disturb in iOS 7 to keep your device from waking you at night. But did you know that OS X Mavericks has a similar capability? If you're like...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using Do Not Disturb on the iPhone

While the purpose of smartphones is to let us receive verbal and written communications from others, there are certain times when you don't necessarily want your phone to beep, ring or otherwise make a noise or show a notification. Do Not Disturb is a handy setting that lets you choose when you wa...

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Call Bliss 1.1 improves on the original

I reviewed Call Bliss by Clarke Hill (US$4.99) in January. It's an alternative to Apple's Do Not Disturb feature that extends the service with nice additions such as location awareness, which lets you block or permit incoming calls while you're at a certain location. I had some issues with versi...

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AppleScripting Notification Center > Scheduling Do Not Disturb

Mountain Lion's Notification Center is great for keeping you in the loop, but it can be a huge distraction when you need to get stuff done. Sometimes, a little peace and quiet is all you need to stay productive. As you may know, iOS 6 includes a handy Do Not Disturb feature, which can be turned ...

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Call Bliss for iPhone a would-be alternative to Do Not Disturb

Call Bliss for iPhone (US$2.99) from Clarke Hill is promoted as an alternative to Apple's Do Not Disturb feature. It would be handy to have this week, as Do Not Disturb is currently malfunctioning. While it works, I'm hesitant to recommend it. Here's my look at Call Bliss for iPhone. UI When y...

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A possible explanation for the iOS New Year's Do Not Disturb bug

If you've been living under a blissfully silent rock for the last couple of days, it may have escaped your notice that an annoying bug in iOS means scheduled Do Not Disturb periods don't automatically end. Apple's response was a rather weak KB article that amounts to a shrug and a claim that th...

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DND bug: Apple will only disturb you until the 7th

A rapid but odd response came today in the form of a support doc from Apple about the Do Not Disturb bug in iOS 6 that cropped up on New Year's Day (or Hogmanay, if you're Scottish). Apple published a KB article which is pretty brief on information. It says after January 1, 2013, DND mode stays o...

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iPhone 101: Switching sound off (or down)

Today's iPhone 101 is all about audio volume. You may think that the volume toggle and the mute switch on the side of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are the beginning and end of noise control, but it turns out there's more to the iOS sound story. You can get some volume management by pluggin...

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Phone app in iOS 6 gets additional answering options, adds Do Not Disturb

As of today, anyone with an iPhone who gets a call on it (weird, I know, but it happens) has two options: Answer, or Decline. Part of the WWDC iOS announcements today for iOS 6 include a revamped Phone app that offers more ways to "answer" a call. Plus, if you are completely indisposed, you can...

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