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Apple increases size limit for cellular downloads to 100 MB

Coupled with the release of iOS 7, MacRumors tips us off to the fact that Apple has quietly increased the size limit for apps (and other types of media files) users can download via a cellular connection. Now, users can use their cellular connection to download files that are as large as 100 MB. T...

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iOS 7: Block iOS updates on your office network, avoid first-day upgrade overload

For those businesses or educational institutions with limited bandwidth and lots of iOS devices on their Wi-Fi infrastructure, a blast of iOS 7 updates -- each with its own hefty, lingering download -- could be a bit of a problem. Tomorrow it should be easy to spot the network admin: he or she will ...

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Daily iPhone App: SlamBots crashes into some surprisingly deep action

SlamBots is the latest title from Retro Dreamer, a company that's been taking the one game a month idea very seriously this year. This title is based on a game Retro Dreamer put out back in February of this year, which took an endless jumping game and turned it into more of an arena-style beatdo...

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Daily iPhone App: Guitar! by Smule plays a familiar tune

Smule is the company behind a lot of excellent music apps, and its latest release is called, simply, Guitar! by Smule. Just like much of Smule's other work, the app is designed to let you "play" a guitar via your iPhone, tapping and strumming various notes that run across the screen. That in its...

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Ultima Forever spotted on the Canadian App Store

If you've been waiting for Ultima Forever, the new iOS version of Ultima from EA, then it's here for you (kind of). The app has been spotted over on the Canadian App Store, and if you have an account over there, you can go and download it right now. The Canadian App Store is often used as a beta...

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EVE Online creator CCP revving up for mobile release

Touch Arcade recently had a chat with CCP, the Icelandic developer behind the popular MMO EVE Online, and while there aren't any announcements yet, it certainly sounds like they're gearing up for some iOS apps, or even maybe a client for the game itself. EVE's been on the Mac for a while now, an...

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Daily iPhone App: Mosaique is an original and inventive puzzle game

Mosiaque is a very original puzzle game that I haven't quite figured out yet. It appeared on the App Store a little while ago from a company called Winning Blimp, and the core idea of the app is that you need to clear the screen of colored squares by firing them in from the sides. The issue, ho...

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Apple ups the promotion for its 50 billion app download contest

Apple last week announced a new contest leading up to the 50 billionth downloaded app. The lucky person who downloads the 50 billionth app will receive a US$10,000 gift card redeemable on the App Store. What's more, Apple will also be awarding $500 App Store gift cards to the folks who download th...

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Daily iPhone App: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 turns Adult Swim's biggest hit freemium

Adult Swim has built up a nice stable of games on the App Store, and the biggest workhorse in it is Robot Unicorn Attack, a Flash game that's an endless runner where you play as the titular creature dashing and jumping to '80s music playing in the background. That game's been very successful, bu...

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Slayin soundtrack now available

I remain a big fan of Slayin, a little game that got released on the App Store a while ago, that compresses a full fantasy-style RPG into a fascinating little endless game. I think the game's mechanics (where you simply move back and forth across the screen, holding your weapon out in front of ...

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Creative uses for App Store icons: Ransom Apps and App Icon Quiz

Brian Stucki is the developer behind MacMiniColo (the Mac mini colocation outfit in Las Vegas), and he recently sent us a fun project he's hosting called "Ransom Apps." It's just a silly little web app, but the idea is that you enter a phrase of text, and Ransom Acts returns your phrase written...

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Apple has paid out $9 billion to developers; App Store downloads reach 45 billion

Apple's earnings conference calls are typically brimming with interesting tidbits regarding Apple's operations, and Tuesday's was no different. Apple announced that it has, to date, paid out more than $9 billion to developers. To put that figure into context, let's take a quick look at just h...

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Firaxis' Haunted Hollow appears on, disappears from the App Store

There's good news, bad news, and the best news on this one, and I'll give you the good news first. Firaxis' Haunted Hallow appeared on the App Store this morning, which means the game is just about ready for prime time. The free-to-play strategy title was one of my favorite games I got to see a...

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GoComics brings the funny pages to your iPhone

Universal Uclick is the company that holds the licenses for most of the comics in your daily newspaper -- the company was formed when the Universal Press Syndicate joined up with the Uclick media group. They've run a web archive of the company's comics for quite a while now, and today that cont...

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Apple adds 'Download Later' option for large media files on iTunes

Macworld is reporting that Apple added a welcome tweak to large media purchases initiated either via the mobile iTunes Store or iTunes 11. Users attempting to download large media files such as movies or music box sets are presented a prompt enabling them to commence the download immediately or sa...

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