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Box makes a deal to add more global servers

I find it a little hard to believe that until now, Box (formerly Box.net) didn't have any servers running outside the US. But apparently that was the case, as the company has just made a deal with Equinix to host six data centers around the world, including places such as Amsterdam, Sydney and ...

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Pogoplug Mobile shares media with iOS

Pogoplug, maker of a popular line of remote storage solutions, has introduced Pogoplug Mobile, a remote storage device that lets you access your media using your iOS and Android device. The device connects to a USB hard drive or an SD card and uses your home network to serve up the content of...

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Pogoplug: Your data, wherever you are

When word about the Pogoplug hit TUAW central, we debated to see who would luck out and and cover the device. Apart from a few cuts and bruises, nearly all of which will mend in a matter of weeks if the doctors are to be believed, I won. The past few days, I've had the pleasure of road testing a un...

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Terminal Tip: Showing and Hiding Disks using Developer tools

In a couple of recent posts, I showed you how to how to hide drives using Finder preferences and selectively show some of them using aliases. I received a number of emails looking for more elegant solutions i.e. avoiding the look of aliases and their won't-sort-properly-like-a-real-drive behavior. A...

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Bring 'My Computer' to Mac OS X's desktop

Erica just touched on Mac OS X's ability to selectively hide drives form the desktop via the Finder's preferences, but what if you still want access to those drives? Maybe you're a neat freak when it comes to your desktop, or maybe you're a recent Windows switcher who misses the comforts of My Com...

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Widget Watch: iStat pro and nano updated

Two of my favorite system monitor widgets have been updated: iStat pro 2.3 and iStat nano 1.5. The main new additions are drive filtering, as in: CDs, DVDs and .DMGs will no longer appear in the drive list, and support has been included for MacBook Pro batteries. Unfortunately, it looks like the tem...

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