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Daily Mac App: Dropzone circles your life with shortcuts

We first looked at Dropzone a few years ago when it launched for OS X and the little utility app is growing up. Now at version 2.0, Dropzone has a fresh, new circular look that's inspired by Path. It also includes a bunch of small improvements that'll help you manage your apps and files. For thos...

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Mac Sale and MacBasket offer up Mac app bundles

The Mac App Store is set to change the way you download and use a lot of software on your Mac, but one thing I hope it doesn't change is the tradition of the Mac software bundle sale. Bundling up indie software and selling it for a relatively huge discount is something that, in my experience, tends ...

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Dropzone makes it easy to copy files, install apps

We've mentioned Dropzone before as a Friday Favorite, but I just happened across the app while I was trying to solve a problem. I suspect many TUAW readers find themselves in the same situation that I am in: I use a desktop and a laptop. I often find myself wanting to move files between these two ma...

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Friday Favorite: Dropzone

One of my favorite new tools is Dropzone from Aptonic Software. Cory mentioned it back in early beta, but it's come a long way since then. Dropzone lets you set up "destinations," and when you click its icon in the dock it pops up a HUD-style window with icons for each destination. You can drop file...

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Beta Beat: Dropzone for Mac OS X

The Mac OS X Dock is a great UI invention, but it doesn't have all the functionality that it could have. That's why one developer is looking to expand the functionality and make it even better with an application that he calls "Dropzone." Dropzone is a small application that you can install on yo...

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