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Verizon Edge program lets users trade in their old iPhones for new models

Following in the footsteps of AT&T's "Next" program and T-Mobile's "Jump" offering, Verizon last week introduced the Edge program: If you want to stay on top of the latest technology, the new Verizon Edge device payment plan offers an affordable way to upgrade to the newest device and satisf...

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T-Mobile CEO: network getting ready for iPhone

During a CTIA event and in a press release, T-Mobile outlined the plan for its 4G LTE network, which will be available nationwide by the end of 2013. Buried in the press release is a tidbit of information about T-Mobile's 1900 MHz spectrum that'll interest iPhone owners. T-Mobile confirmed th...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is AT&T killing my iPhone?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I just received this text from AT&T: "Network changes may soon impact your 2G phone service. Exchange 2G phone @ AT&T store w/free 3G AT&T U2800A phone by 5/15 & avoid service impact." I wonder what this means? On the one hand, it's an excuse to get a n...

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Go edging and win free games, your name in Edge, coming soon to MAS

You may remember Edge, the iOS game that picked up a little bit of controversy for a disagreement over the name's trademark. That disagreement has been settled, and the title is now coming out on Steam on August 11, and the Mac App Store a few days after that. To celebrate, Mobiegame and fellow...

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Adobe introduces Edge, the HTML 5 tool with an eye towards open improvements

Adobe's new HTML 5 authoring tool, Edge, is now available for download. Edge aims to be a "web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS." While we ...

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T-Mobile now home to 1 million iPhones

When talking to 9to5Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered up a tidbit of information that suggests the #4 wireless carrier, which does not sell the popular Apple smartphone, is home to over a million iPhones. Most of the devices are older iPhone models, though a fair amount of customers have rep...

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Mobigame nails down international trademark on 'Edge'

A year and a half after this issue first cropped up, developer Mobigame has finally gotten a trademark on the term "Edge" as used in video games. As you can see from the image posted by the developer, they now have the right, under international law, to use the name Edge for their game, which s...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: BetterSnapTool

If there's one good thing that Windows 7 users have built-in that Mac users don't, it's window snapping. In Windows 7 you can drag a window to the top of the screen to maximize it, or to the left or right side of the screen to make it fill half the display. BetterSnapTool is window snapping f...

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iPhone OS 4.0 to finally allow tethering

It turns out that the long-awaited tethering option on the iPhone (in the US anyway) is just around the corner. MacRumors discovered that there is a new configuration page for setting up Internet tethering via the iPhone inside of the latest beta of iPhone OS 4.0. The feature isn't actually enabled ...

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CBS Sports March Madness app will stream your games live

I'm much more of a baseball fan (go Cubs!), but of course it is now March, and that means college basketball is about to heat up. CBS Sports has now released an official March Madness On Demand app, and just like the great MLB iPhone app, this one also offers streaming video on demand of 63 March M...

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G-Fi puts GPS on your first gen iPhone or iPod touch, at quite a cost

I love my iPhone, but I have to say that there is one little thing wrong with it: it's a first generation. That means that I can't quite play all of the games, or record video, or do all of the cool GPS things you kids can do nowadays. It's not a really bad thing -- I can still do a good 99% of the...

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Best iPhone games of the year picks start to roll in

Gamasutra wins the award for being the first (that I've seen) to pick awards for their best five iPhone games of the year, and the list is respectable, if a little short for such a huge set of possibility. Unfortunately, they don't win any TUAW points for going with Skee-Ball over our preferred Ram...

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App Store devs get "edge"-y as a reaction to trademark threats

App Store developers can be a rebellious kind -- we've already covered the story of a company shooting their price up to $40 just to show their customers how much they could be charging, and now, in response to an overly defensive trademark owner, developers on the store are putting the word "Edge"...

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Looking for cheap alternatives to SMS for the iPhone? There's an app for that.

Imagine that you're at home one night and want to send a message to your partner or roommate or someone else, but you really don't want to get out of your chair, and you don't want to yell loudly enough for them to hear you. So pick up your iPhone, but you don't want to send an SMS or call them. Sur...

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AT&T poised to roll out 3G MicroCell service

For many iPhone owners in the U.S., the fact that you're tied to AT&T as the wireless carrier has been a serious problem. As an example, until this week, I was lucky if I got 2 bars of signal strength on EDGE at my house and I never had 3G service. Now, for some inexplicable reason, I'm able to ...

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