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Former EMI boss says Limewire users were major iTunes customers

Douglas C. Merrill used to work for record label EMI, one of the biggest members of the RIAA. He was forced out just a year later, but now he's sharing information from inside the company. And some of that information points to an interesting conclusion about music pirates: they often end up be...

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NYPost: Apple paying major music labels up to $150 million for rights to music on iCloud

The New York Post is reporting that three separate sources have told them Apple is paying the big four music labels between $100-150 million for the rights to distribute their music through the new iCloud service, which is set to debut on Monday. Their sources say that each label will get betwe...

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Apple, publishers reportedly close to completing cloud music deal

Apple's music streaming service is inching closer to launch according to industry sources. Earlier rumors suggest Apple already inked licensing agreements with three of the four major record labels, including EMI Music, Warner Music and Sony Music. The one remaining holdout is Universal Music, wh...

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Sony joins EMI and Warner in Apple cloud music service

Three down, one to go. Just a day after CNET suggested that EMI joined Warner Music Group in allowing Apple to distribute their music over a cloud-based service, now Bloomberg is claiming that Apple has also officially inked a deal with Sony Music. That leaves just one of the big four music lab...

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EMI joins Warner Music Group in Apple cloud music service

Sources have told CNET that EMI has signed a deal with Apple to license its music for cloud-based services. EMI joins Warner Music Group, which signed on with Apple for cloud-based music services last month. The remaining two major labels, Sony and Universal, are expected to sign similar deals ...

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Music artists, labels create enhanced albums for iPad

Launched with iTunes 9, iTunes LP would let record labels include extra content, such as liner notes, expanded artwork and lyrics, in albums sold on iTunes. The feature never took off, but the concept of adding value to an album using interactive digital content has not died. Record labels such...

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The ballad of the Beatles and iTunes (and EMI, too)

After decades of bickering that's nearly as infamous as the Beatles' breakup, the actual deal that finally united Apple, Inc., Apple Corps and EMI was hammered out in July, the Wall Street Journal reported today. We touched lightly on this history yesterday, but the WSJ outlined the exact route t...

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Wall Street Journal confirms Beatles on iTunes

Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal writes that iTunes will soon be carrying the Beatles catalog, according to "people familiar with the situation." According to Smith, this deal was finalized recently -- as late as last week -- between Apple and EMI group. If so, this plays into the Beatles-s...

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iTunes LP broken for indie record labels?

Update: ElectricPig is reporting on 10/13 that an Apple spokesperson said the LP format will be opened up for all, indies and majors alike. There's word from an indie record-label that iTunes LPs are not for the indies. Introduced at Apple's "It's Only Rock and Roll" event in September, the iTune...

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Rumors: The Beatles on iTunes? Yoko says yes, EMI says not yet

So, the friend of a friend told me that the Beatles is finally going to be on iTunes tomorrow. Not so fast, EMI immediately countered. In the latest chapter of a saga filled with more "will they, or won't they?" than a shoujo manga, Engadget picked up a 9to5Mac report today stating that Yoko Ono i...

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Apple and record labels to release competing enhanced album formats

Remember when we said the four largest record companies were working together with Apple to add enhanced liner notes and extra media to full album purchases through the iTunes Store? Well, apparently Apple wasn't in on that cooperation. The Guardian is reporting that the four companies' plans for ...

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iTunes Store to add enhanced liner notes, extra media to album purchases

Digital music purchases have been dominating the market for some time now as physical CD purchases continue to fall. For Apple, a significant lead over the rest of the music proprietor world is not enough: according to the Financial Times, the company is now working together with the four largest...

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EMI & Depeche Mode offer first iTunes Pass

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors... but 'groundbreaking electro legends' isn't the first phrase I'd use to describe Depeche Mode. (In case you were wondering, that first phrase would be 'New Wave, eminently danceable Brit synth veterans,' but right there you have ample reason why I write...

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Beatles-on-iTunes talks 'stalled' says Paul

Talks between Apple, Inc., Apple Corps, and EMI to bring the Beatles catalogue to the iTunes Store have "stalled," according to a statement by Paul McCartney to the Associated Press. McCartney said, "The last word I got back was it's stalled at the whole moment, the whole process." He told the BBC ...

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YouTube videos gain links to iTunes store

YouTube has added links from promotional and music videos to the iTunes store and AmazonMP3, where you can buy the song featured. The links appear on its website, beneath videos like this one. Currently, EMI appears to be the only major music label participating in the deal. Electronic Arts has lin...

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