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Garden naturally with Grow Smart, Grow Safe for iOS

Grow Smart, Grow Safe is a handy free app that will assess the dangers of some of the garden products you use and then suggest safer alternatives. While the app is aimed at the Pacific Northwest, the information it contains should work for anyone using American-made garden and lawn products. The ap...

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Apple renewable energy use grows from 35 to 95 percent in less than 4 years

As of today, Apple has been able to convert its corporate campuses and data centers to using 95 percent renewable energy sources for their power. According to this great article over at WIRED, in 2010 that number was at 35 percent. Apple appointed Lisa Jackson, former EPA administrator and once e...

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Little Green Apples: the EPA approves

Ars Technica reports that the EPA really likes Apple's computers. (Cue Sally Field.) The EPA, which grades computers on a a 51-criteria scale, gave Apple some very high marks. According to the grading scheme, computers that meet all the required criteria and at least half of the optional criteria a...

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