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AppleScripting Email > Developing a Quoted Reply Service

A reader recently wrote to me with a problem. Apparently, Microsoft Outlook no longer contains the ability to create quote level chunks of text when replying to messages in plain text format. Why this functionality was removed, I can't say. But, with a little help from AppleScript and Automator, I...

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Microsoft releases Office 2011 Service Pack 1

Office 2011 version 14.1 (Service Pack 1) is now available from Microsoft's website. As announced on April 6, the update includes a variety of improvements to the new Outlook for Mac, including built-in support for Apple's Sync Services which allows users to more easily synchronize Outlook data wi...

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Office 2011 Service Pack 1 due next week, improves Outlook compatibility

The upgrade from Microsoft Office 2008 to 2011 has not been without its drawbacks; for users of Entourage who moved to the all-new Outlook for Mac, in particular, there have been a few holes in the feature lineup. None of them are necessarily showstoppers, but the collection of odd omissions has g...

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Ask TUAW: recovering deleted files, encrypted backups, cheap scanning, and more

Welcome back to a new year of Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about cheap scanners, encrypting backups, recovering deleted files, troubleshooting new hardware, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Leave your questions ...

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Microsoft Mac Business Unit announces details of next version of Office for Mac

With Microsoft Office for Mac still owning a hefty portion of the Mac software market, it's always news when the Mac Business Unit decides to spill the beans on their product plans for the future.TUAW's Michael Rose was on the press call this morning and noted the headlines, with details in the pres...

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Kerio MailServer 6.7

Yesterday, amidst the SlingMobile débâcle and an OS update, Kerio Technologies released Kerio Mail MailServer 6.7. The mail and collaboration server, often used as a replacement for Exchange, has added several new features, including a few geared toward Mac users. The Kerio Global Addre...

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Microsoft releases Office 2008 update to fix Entourage issue

How long is two weeks? If you're vacationing someplace warm and sunny, it might seem to pass in a flash; if you're in bed with the flu, it probably seems like a lifetime. For Office 2008 users who got bit by a bug in the recent 12.1.3 update, chances are the latter assessment is more on target. Thos...

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Mac Automation: automating Microsoft Word 2008

When Microsoft released Office 2008 for Mac, they did something that I must applaud -- they joined the ranks of Mac developers creating Automator-able applications. When you do a search in Automator for "Microsoft," it will reveal all of the Automator actions that ship with Microsoft Office 2008. Th...

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Entourage Email Archiver, Emailchemy updated for Entourage 2008

Archiving your Entourage mail is a chore that varies in ease and effectiveness, depending on how much time and tweaking energy you're willing to put into it. You can drag messages to Finder folders to export them, or pull out entire folders as MBOX files; you can also export folder sets to Entourage...

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Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.0

Just the other day a co-worker of mine wondered if there was a way to have Entourage (she's using 2008) automatically archive messages like Outlook does (we run Exchange on the job, which stores all your messages on the server; you run the risk of going over your quota if you don't archive things t...

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What's the deal with Entourage 2008 and Blackberry sync?

If you've got a Blackberry that you plan to sync with Entourage 2008 (other than via Exchange and a Blackberry Enterprise Server, which could give two figs for your client application -- although as a commenter points out, BES still doesn't fully support sent mail or read/unread sync from Entourage)...

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Mac 101: Don't move those files!

No, this won't be another post where I explain my reasons for loving and ordering the MacBook Air. That will come later when I actually have the MBA in my hands. Until then, I want to pass along a little bit of knowledge I learned while doing Mac consulting many moons ago: many files and folders on ...

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Entourage 2008 and Time Machine don't get along

Office 2008 for the Mac is a huge release for Microsoft, and a big deal for most Mac users. I've been anxiously waiting for the newest version of Office for one thing only: Entourage 2008. For my money Entourage is the best mail client on OS X (feel free to call me names in the comments), but Entour...

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Mac BU posts Entourage 2008 details (finally)

Microsoft has been ramping up the hype machine for the coming release of Office for the Mac 2008. They've set up a special website, been talking to bloggers, and posting lots of information about the coming changes. One glaring omission from information bombardment was Entourage 2008. It was a littl...

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Sending QuickTime movies with Entourage

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but personally I'd nominate frustration instead. Lots of the time, the things you need to do, or think you need to do (get more exercise, pay your taxes) get pushed off or procrastinated into irrelevancy, but the things that frustrate you -- even i...

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