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Tag: Environment

The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for July 10, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Apple provides green details on new "Spaceship" campus, reports reduced emissions in 2013

Apple talks a big game when it comes to the environment, so the company's annual report on its green efforts are always an interesting read. This year, Apple's Environmental Responsibility Report (PDF) brings news on renewable energy for its retail stores and the company's overall carbon footprint...

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Garden naturally with Grow Smart, Grow Safe for iOS

Grow Smart, Grow Safe is a handy free app that will assess the dangers of some of the garden products you use and then suggest safer alternatives. While the app is aimed at the Pacific Northwest, the information it contains should work for anyone using American-made garden and lawn products. The ap...

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Apple's iPad trade-in program extends to France, Germany, Spain, and the UK

This past April, Apple expanded its recycling program in North America to include any product the company has released. In addition, owners of older generation iPads could trade in their devices for credit towards a newer model. Now the program has been expanded to include more countries around t...

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Apple and the environment plus other news for May 22, 2014

Good afternoon, readers! Today Pixelmator has released a very nice update, Apple addresses the "iMessage Purgatory" issue and Lisa Jackson, Apple's VP of environmental initiatives, talks about her role at the company. Apple's environmental initiatives VP and former head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson...

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Apple pokes fun at Samsung in new Earth Day advertisement

With Earth Day upon us today, Apple this week has touted a number of its more environmentally friendly initiatives. First up was a fascinating piece from WIRED highlighting Apple's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. This was accompanied by a complete revamp of Apple's environmental page, a ...

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Greenpeace praises Apple for helping to foster a 'green Internet': News from April 3, 2014

For a number of years, it seemed that Greenpeace was all too eager to take shots at Apple. These days, the environmental organization can't help but heap praise upon Apple for its increased attention to renewable energy and its otherwise increasing focus on becoming more environmentally friendly. ...

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Book criticizes Apple's recycling program, consumers in general

Macworld took a look at a new book by writer Adam Minter today; Junkyard Planet (US$25.99, Bloomsbury Press) explores the business of recycling, and in an excerpt from his book published by the website, Minter takes Apple to task on the effectiveness of its recycling program and attempts to lay guil...

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Apple environmental head Lisa Jackson talks about making Apple more environmentally friendly

With Tim Cook at the helm, Apple has continuously demonstrated an increasing focus on ensuring that its operations are as environmentally sound as possible. A perfect example of Apple's commitment to clean up its act (pun partially intended) is its recent hire of Lisa Jackson as VP of Environmenta...

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Apple looking to fill more than 200 new positions in China

Apple has a good chunk of the consumer electronics market in the developed world, with the company's flagship iPhone and iPad products still flying off the shelves. But there's still a lot of the world -- in particular Brazil, Russia, India and China -- where the company can make huge inroads. App...

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Apple creates academic advisory board to oversee its Supplier Responsibility program

As part of Apple's ongoing efforts to improve labor practices in its supply chain, the company recently formed an academic advisory board to oversee its Supplier Responsibility program. The academic advisory board, which is an all-volunteer group, will be comprised of eight professors from renown...

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Apple looking into possible illegal tin mining after activists converge on Apple stores

A few days ago, we reported on the environmental group Friends of the Earth and its activities inside Apple Stores meant to raise awareness of the environmental impact tin mining for electronics is having on the islands of Indonesia. Now Apple has updated its Supplier Responsibility page to reflec...

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Apple's 'destroying tropical forests, wrecking lives,' according to Friends of the Earth

If you were at certain Apple Stores last weekend, you may have seen some people picketing the company and leaving message tags next to display models of Macs, iPhones and iPads. The picketers are Friends of the Earth activists who are trying to raise awareness of the environmental impact tin mining...

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Apple praised in China for environmental policies

Chinese environmental activist Ma Jun recently said that Apple has made major strides towards becoming more environmentally friendly and transparent with respect to the company's operations in China. While speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China, Ma explained that Apple has recentl...

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Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson "thrilled" to be joining Apple; Greenpeace applauds the hire

In an email sent to Politico on Wednesday, former EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that she was thrilled to be joining Apple where she will help coordinate all of the company's environmental initiatives. I'm incredibly impressed with Apple's commitment to the environment and I'm thrilled to be joining ...

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