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Apple is suing another tech company, drink!

With Apple's Samsung troubles winding down and a potential settlement reached in that whole anti-poaching brouhaha, the company's legal staff obviously needed something else to work on. Apple was happy to oblige and has now set its sights on Swedish tech firm Ericsson. Apple's suit centers on Eric...

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Apple grabs more than 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium

Apple is beefing up its patent portfolio with the recent transfer of over 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium. The patent and patent application transfer was first reported by Yonhap News and confirmed by patent transfer records in the US Patent and Trademark Office database. Apple is a me...

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Add SMS support to Address Book for some Sony Ericsson phones

Apple's iSync supports a lot of phones (and we don't have time now to get into why it doesn't support all phones), but that support for some phones can be a little wonky - namely Sony Ericssons (and I just happen to own a W800i, one of the victims). For these phones, iSync supports syncing just fine...

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