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QuickTime 7.6.9 out now, fixes a number of security issues

Apple has updated QuickTime to version 7.6.9, bringing out a whole slew of security fixes protecting against various "maliciously crafted" file formats. Apple has been working closely with security experts to hammer these out, and as a result, the software is much better protected against opening f...

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Is your iPhone 4 exhibiting proximity sensor issues?

I happened by a mirror while talking on the iPhone 4 last night and saw my screen lighting up, turning off and lighting up again erratically. I observed the behavior, worst when holding the phone in my left hand, for the duration of the call. I was more than a little irritated, as this was a featur...

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Delving into the iPhone's DCIM folder

Today, Dave Caolo discovered what happens when your iPhone camera rolls past picture number 99999 (or so). As he and other Apple users have found, a picture count that goes too high can lead to unforseen errors. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. Or a camera roll that do...

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An iPhone developer's story

If you're curious about developing for the iPhone, but haven't made the plunge yet, you might want to read Rogue Amoeba programmer Mike Ash's 22-step tale of developing NetAwake, which is available in the App Store. It's a fascinating story, with a lot of waiting, a lot of rejection, and a lot of "s...

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iPhone Tales of Woe: Booting to Single User

A short while back, Digg hosted a link to this crashed iPhone showing single user mode. In that case, the error message stated that the iPhone couldn't "exec /bin/sh for single user: No such file or directory." Now that the iPhone has been thoroughly hacked, this error has evolved somewhat. Last n...

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