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Tag: European Union

EU may force Apple to change Lightning connector

EU lawmakers today agreed to a draft regulation stating that all consumer electronics manufacturers must use a common standard battery charger device. While the law may not take effect until 2017 or after, that means that Apple -- which uses its own Lightning adapter rather than the micro-USB conn...

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EU bureaucrats want to force Apple to adopt micro-USB adapter

Since the concept was first introduced, consumers have complained about proprietary chargers. Regardless if they're needed or not for a given product, they can be annoying and inconvenient. But are they bad for the environment? That's the argument being put forward by the Members of the European P...

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Apple and 13 other companies warn that EU patent shakeup may encourage patent trolls

Seemingly not a week goes by without hearing some new story about a patent troll mysteriously emerging out of the woodwork, with questionable second-hand patents in hand, and suing a smorgasbord of tech companies for patent infringement. While the Obama Administration has taken steps to potentially ...

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EU ending mobile roaming charges in 2014

Rejoice readers who live in the European Union! Soon you'll be able to pay the same rate for calls you make while traveling the 27 countries in the EU as you do at home. According to the UK newspaper the Telegraph, the European Union has announced an end to mobile roaming charges in 2014 as part o...

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European investigators to look at Apple carrier deals for possible antitrust violations

Apple is under fire in Europe for possible anti-competitive contracts with wireless carriers that allegedly stifle competition, said a report by The New York Times. No formal antitrust complaint has been filed, but the European Commission has supposedly asked carriers to provide information abo...

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App Store prices increase in Europe

Apple caused a small stir yesterday when it raised the prices of apps in the European iTunes App Store. Customers were taken by surprise when the App Store went down and returned an hour later with higher prices. The minimum price of an app rose from €0.79 (US$1.00) to €0.89 ($1.15). ...

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EU Digital Commissioner requests better European 4G Rollout

Apple and other device makers keep upping the ante on speed by building support for LTE into their latest devices, but that's of little use to citizens of several countries of the European Union. In many cases, their countries have no 4G networks or operate on frequencies not currently supporte...

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Apple accused of misleading EU customers about warranties

The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection, DECO, is unhappy with Apple's representation of the European Union's warranty policy. DECO has filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of misrepresenting the EU's warranty policy in a way that encourages customers to buy the company's optional and pric...

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EU to ease licensing rules for iTunes, other digital music stores

The European Union is looking to make it easier for Apple to sell music across the entire EU at once. Currently, music copyrights are issued on a country-by-country basis, so users can only purchase songs from their home country. But an effort to promote licensing across the entire bloc has pro...

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EU launches antitrust probes against Motorola after complaints from Apple, Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft filed separate complaints with the EU that accuse Motorola of using its essential, standards-based patents as weapons to curb competitor's products and advance their own, says a report in The New York Times. Under EU law, companies with patents essential to an industry standar...

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EU antitrust body to investigate Samsung's use of patents against Apple

Apple has been waging a legal battle with Samsung over the look and feel of its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. In response, Samsung filed a series of its own patent infringement lawsuits against Apple that involve 3G technology. These countersuits may have landed Samsung in hot water w...

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Android may save the day for Apple's iPad subscription policy in the EU

There may never be an official "thank you" note sent, but Apple may be secretly grateful for the explosion of Android tablets about to hit the market. Apple is under the watchful eye of both the United States and the European Union's regulatory bodies regarding its new subscription policy for the i...

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European Union closes Apple investigation

I think we can call this one "saved by a policy change." Earlier this month, Apple changed its rules and is now allowing developers to use third-party tools for creating apps for iOS devices. In a statement released this weekend, the EU said it welcomed Apple's changed policies, and that the investi...

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Apple supporting universal European handset chargers

Last week I ordered my iPhone 3GS from the AT&T Store (no Apple Stores out here in the boonies). Five days later it was ready to be picked up and I drove out to the mall to get it. While the AT&T employee activated it and performed the soul-stealing voodoo that accompanies a new sale, a woma...

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