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Apple's e-commerce chief leaves for eBay

It's beginning to look like Apple's executive offices have a revolving door at the entrance. The company recently announced that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts will be heading to Apple to be the new senior VP of Retail and Online Stores; now AllThingsD reports that the man who was responsible for de...

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Apple's hunt for a new retail chief continues

Remember when Apple fired retail head John Browett at the end of October? Well, his job is still open in the company, and as AllThingsD's John Paczkowski notes, Apple may be taking its time to replace Browett because they can't afford to make another mistake hiring a senior VP for this critical...

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Craig Federighi, Dan Riccio promoted to Senior Vice Presidents at Apple

On Monday, Apple announced that it was promoting vice president of Mac Software engineering Craig Federighi and vice president of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio to senior vice president positions. The two men will report directly to Tim Cook. Federighi, shown on the left in the above image, ...

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Apple's VP of Europe steps down after 12 years

French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that Pascal Cagni is stepping down from his position as Apple's vice president of Europe. Cagni was hired by Steve Jobs in 2000 and has served as Apple's European VP for 12 years. He was responsible for Apple's explosive growth in the EMEA region, which saw...

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Apple reduces iAd pricing, revenue sharing

Apple is reportedly cutting the minimum cost of its iAd service again. According to Ad Age, the threshold for advertisers to acquire the iAd service has dropped from US$500,000 to just $100,000. Furthermore, Apple will reduce revenue sharing by no longer charging advertisers when users click on an ...

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Facebook nabs former Apple exec Rebecca Van Dyck as head of global marketing

Facebook's Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing brought surprising information: the company has hired former Apple marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyck. Van Dyck served in a similar role at Levi's after leaving Apple. She started working at Apple in January of 2007, and was involved in the marketin...

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Inside Apple describes Scott Forstall as Apple's CEO-in-waiting

Apple CEO Tim Cook is an excellent business manager and responsible for much of the company's success in low-cost manufacturing and skinny inventories. But as we saw with Cook's first product announcement on October 4, he lacks a lot of the charisma that marked the Steve Jobs era. A new book is n...

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Apple brings in former Adobe VP to help out iAd

Apple's iAd service hasn't been as successful as the company hoped. While Apple has been able to keep iAd "premium" by keeping up ad costs and only bringing in high profile clients interested in putting out high quality advertisements, it hasn't actually made much money with the service, either...

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Apple senior executives get lucrative stock grant

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple's senior executive team received lucrative stock grants worth US$60 million dollars at current market prices. A Securities and Exchange commission document filed by Apple on Friday details this financial reward. Each executive will receive...

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Apple retail chief Ron Johnson officially departs

Ron Johnson, Apple's Senior Vice President of Retail Operations for the last 11 years, has officially left Apple today. Back in June, Apple said that Johnson would be leaving the company on November 1st to become the CEO of J.C. Penney. Johnson joined Apple in 2000 and is largely credited with ...

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Businessweek profiles Scott Forstall

Apple's iPhone 4S press event showcased the talents and personalities of Apple's executive leadership including CEO Tim Cook and Phil Schiller. One standout was vice-president Scott Forstall who, in the absence of Steve Jobs, is expected to take a bigger role at Apple. In a lengthy article, Busin...

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Senior iCloud product manager John Herbold leaves Apple

John Herbold, a senior product manager for Apple's iCloud service, has updated his LinkedIn profile to show that he's no longer with the company in Cupertino. Herbold's LinkedIn now shows that he works for a company called HealthTeacher, and his work at Apple is in the past. He also says that wor...

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Retail chief Ron Johnson leaves Apple for J.C. Penney

Apple's Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, Ron Johnson, is leaving to become President and eventually CEO of J.C. Penney. Johnson will assume this role November 1, 2011 and will join J.C. Penney's board of directors on August 1. Johnson joined Apple in 2000 from Target where he worke...

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A look at Apple's "all-star" executives

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, and Steve Jobs are big names at Apple. These top executives are known around the technology industry and around the world for their operational excellence, marketing know-how, design genius and powerful reality distortion fields. While these four men often get ...

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Survey finds customers confident in Apple without Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs were to step down as the CEO of Apple, what effect -- if any -- would it have on the likelihood of buying Apple products in the future? Research firms RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave asked Apple customers this question in a survey conducted between January 31 and February 9. ...

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